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Swift ATels - 2024

Most recent ATels are listed at the top of the page.

  1. Swift/XRT observations of the X-ray transient EP240408a
  2. Swift and Chandra X-ray detections in the nucleus of SDSS J133519.91+072807.4
  3. Optical Spectrum of XRTJ155712+382032, a candidate counterpart of the gamma-ray source 4FGL J1557.2+3822 and the IceCube neutrino event IC-240307A
  4. A new outburst of IGR J06074+2205
  5. Swift/XRT observation of Swift J151857.0-572147 indicates that the source likely made a transition to the soft state
  6. Swift follow-up observation of the EP X-ray transient EP240305a (EPW20240305aa)
  7. Swift-XRT follow-up confirms the high activity state of the FSRQ OP 313
  8. Swift X-ray detection of Nova Scorpii 2024 (V1723 Sco)
  9. Swift GC monitoring program detection of low luminosity outburst a new source: Swift J174610-290018
  10. First MeerKAT radio non-detection of the neutron star X-ray binary SRGA J144459.2-604207 and Swift/XRT detection of a Type-I X-ray burst
  11. Swift/XRT observation of the X-ray transient SRGA J144459.2-604207
  12. Swift/XRT confirms brightening of the eruptive variable CD-56 1032B
  13. Detection of a bright X-ray flare by Einstein Probe in its commissioning phase
  14. Optical, X-ray and infrared observations of GX 339-4 during the hard-to-soft state transition observed with LCO and REM
  15. Strong X-Ray Flare in the TeV-Detected Blazar 1ES 1959+650
  16. Optical and X-ray decay of Swift J1753.5-0127 observed with LCO and Swift/XRT
  17. Swift X-ray monitoring observations of the Galactic center have resumed after Sun constraints
  18. Swift observations of IceCube-240105A event
  19. Long-Term X-Ray Flare in the Southern Blazar 1ES 1101-232