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Swift ATels - 2016

Most recent ATels are listed at the top of the page.

  1. Recurrent nova M31N 2008-12a: The surprisingly early 2016 supersoft X-ray turn-off seen by Swift/XRT
  2. GRS 1758-258: Into the thermal dominant state with Swift XRT
  3. Recurrent nova M31N 2008-12a: Swift/XRT detection of the 2016 eruption
  4. Swift observations of ASSASN-16oh
  5. Recurrent Nova M31N 2008-12a: Swift UVOT detection of the 2016 eruption
  6. Optical and UV Re-brightening of Hydrogen-rich Super-Luminous Supernova PS16dtm/SN 2016ezh
  7. Swift observation of strong X-ray and UV activity of CTA 102
  8. Swift BAT Observations of the Be/X-ray Binary 4U 0728-25 (X 0726-260)
  9. Optical/UV follow-up observations of Swift J1753.5-0127
  10. Swift Follow-up of the recent Gamma-ray flare of the FSRQ B2 0748+33
  11. Follow-up optical observations of Swift J1753.5-0127 as it fades into quiescence
  12. Swift J1753.5-0127 no longer detected by Swift
  13. Swift detection of a rapidly brightening soft X-ray spectrum from Nova SMC 2016
  14. Follow-up Swift observations of SMC X-3 during its Type II outburst: no torque reversal yet
  15. MAXI J0636+146: Swift/XRT localization
  16. Swift observation of strong optical-UV and X-ray flaring activity of OJ 287
  17. Another Very Strong X-ray Flare in 1ES 1959+650
  18. SMC X-3 - an exceptionally bright extended outburst
  19. No detected increase in the X-ray activity of B[e]/X-Ray system CI Cam/XTE J0421+560
  20. Swift UVOT observations of the SMC nova MASTER OT J010603.18-744715.8
  21. OJ 287: Discovery of an X-ray and UV flare with Swift (Correction in X-ray flux in OJ 287)
  22. GRS 1758-258 not detected at hard X-rays
  23. The increasing X-Ray Activity of PKS 2155-304
  24. Swift observations confirm a bright new outburst of MAXI J1957+032
  25. X-ray detection of SN 2016gkg with Swift-XRT
  26. Swift/XRT detects renewed activity of the Galactic center transient XMM J174457-2850.3
  27. Swift-XRT detected a new outburst of Cir X-1
  28. Swift Observations of GRS 1739-278 in Outburst
  29. An unusually fast brightness decline in optical of young type II supernova SN 2016gkg from ASAS-SN follow-up observations
  30. EXO 2030+375 restarts in reverse
  31. Initial Swift observations of the Aug 2016 outburst of the Black Hole Candidate 4U 1630-47
  32. Swift follow-up of SPIRITS16tn
  33. MAXI/GSC detection of a new X-ray outburst of 4U 1630-472
  34. Probable new AGN identified in S-CUBE SMC survey
  35. M31N 2016-08d is a luminous nova candidate in M31 with Swift/UVOT detections
  36. SMC X-3 in outburst: Swift XRT Timing and Spectroscopy
  37. SMC X-3: S-CUBED detection of turn-on, brightening and identification with MAXI J0058-721
  38. Additional spectroscopic observations and Swift monitoring of the M31 nova iPTF16bqy (ASASSN-16hf)
  39. New Outburst of the Magnetar 1E 1048.1-5937
  40. Swift detection of an X-ray outburst from the SMC transient SXP 202A
  41. Swift detection of active X-ray transients in the SMC
  42. Swift follow up of IceCube-160731A
  43. Swift/XRT confirms the new outburst of Aql X-1
  44. MAXI/GSC detection of X-ray outburst from Be/X-ray binary pulsar 4U 0115+63
  45. Swift, Loiano, and pt5m observations of Gaia16avf
  46. SWIFT/BAT possible detection of a new outburst from Aql X-1
  47. Pulsed Radio Emission from PSR J1119-6127 disappeared
  48. Glitch observation and hard X-ray power law measurement in PSR J1119-6127
  49. Swift detection of pulsations from PSR J1119-6127 promptly after its July 27th 2016 burst
  50. Swift UVOT detection of the recurrent nova M31N 1990-10a during its 2016 eruption
  51. Swift detection of a SGR burst from PSR 1119-6127
  52. Orbital phase shift in a new type I outburst of the Be/X-ray binary EXO 2030+375
  53. Fermi and Swift observations of correlated outburst activity from the BL Lac object OT 081 (PKS 1749+096)
  54. Swift follow-up observation of the optical transient PS16ccm
  55. Swift/XRT detects renewed activity of the Galactic center X-ray transient Swift J174535.5-285921
  56. X-ray outburst of XMMU J004855.5-734946: confirmation as a Be/X-ray binary pulsar
  57. A new highest historical X-ray State in 1ES 1959+650
  58. Swift detects an outburst from XMMU J004855.5-734946
  59. Continued Swift/XRT observations of the new Galactic center transients SWIFT J174540.2-290037 and SWIFT J174540.7-290015
  60. No X-ray detection of SN2016cok by Swift XRT
  61. New nova candidate in M31 found with Swift/UVOT
  62. Swift-BAT refined analysis of the recent outburst from SGR 1617-5103 (a.k.a. 1E 161348-5055 and 2E 1613.5-5053)
  63. BAT trigger 700791 (the possible GRB 160622A) is 2E 1613.5-5053, the central source in SNR RCW103
  64. CSS160603:162117+441254: pretending to be a contact system again
  65. Enhanced and increasing activity in gamma rays and X-rays from the HBL Mrk421
  66. A strong X-ray Flare in 1ES 1959+650
  67. Chandra detection of increased X-ray activity from SAX J1747.0-2853
  68. Swift/XRT detection of another active X-ray transient close to Sgr A*
  69. Swift monitoring observation of the Be/X-ray transient GX 304-1 in quiescence and its current outburst
  70. New RATAN-600 data for Cygnus X-1
  71. X-ray and UV detections of the supernova candidate ASASSN 16fp (AT 2016coi) with Swift
  72. Swift/UVOT Observations for SLSN-I Gaia16apd
  73. X-ray brightening of the super-Eddington black hole X-ray binary P13 in NGC 7793
  74. Swift observation of the LMC nova candidate MASTER OT J051032.58-692130.4
  75. Swift/UVOT Observations show SN2016ccj to be UV-blue for a SN Ia
  76. Swift observes an outburst of the high mass X-ray binary IGR J01572-7259 in the SMC
  77. Optical, X, HE gamma-ray flare of the FSRQ S4 1030+61
  78. The Advent of X-ray Flare in PG 1553+113
  79. Erratum: PSR J1023+0038 NOT in outburst
  80. Swift-XRT globular cluster monitor: April 2016 Terzan 5 observations
  81. PSR J1023+0038 is going into outburst
  82. Swift/XRT observations of the error region of MAXI J0758-456
  83. ASASSN-16do confirmed as high inclination, low mass ratio CV
  84. A sub-luminous outburst of a transient in the Galactic globular cluster Terzan 5, possibly due to EXO 1745-248 (aka Terzan 5 X-1)
  85. Fermi and Swift observations of correlated and high-energy activity from the FSRQ TXS 0059+581
  86. Heartbeat Oscillation detected in IGR J17091-3624
  87. Radio non-detection during nearly-simultaneous Swift/XRT observations of MAXI J0911-635/Swift J0911.9-6452 in NGC 2808
  88. Swift follow-up observations of iPTF16abc
  89. MAXI J0911-655/Swift J0911.9-6452: Swift XRT localization of the new transient in NGC 2808
  90. Swift/XRT detects renewed activity of the Galactic center transient GRS 1741-2853
  91. MAXI/GSC and Swift/BAT detections of a new X-ray outburst from MAXI J0911-655/Swift J0911.9-6452
  92. Detection of highly ionized iron during a giant flare of GX 301-2
  93. Swift XRT Observations of SGR J0755-2933
  94. Swift J055137.6-381713: a probable new X-ray transient.
  95. Swift detects GX 301-2 in very high state
  96. Swift Monitoring Suggests IGR J17091-3624 is Transitioning to the Intermediate State
  97. X-ray fading and optical/X-ray flaring in the current faint outburst of MAXI J0556-332
  98. Fading outbursts of EXO 2030+375
  99. Results of ongoing Swift/XRT monitoring of the low mass X-ray binary IGR J17091-3624
  100. The 26th anniversary outburst of jet-driving symbiotic binary MWC 560: results from Chandra, Swift, and optical spectroscopy
  101. Swift detection of a likely new SGR: SGR 0755-2933
  102. Swift monitoring observations of 1H 1743-322 and its evolution towards a state transition
  103. GROND optical/NIR and Swift/XRT observation of IGR J17091-3624
  104. Swift J1753.5-0127 has returned to the hard state
  105. Swift Follow-up of the recent Gamma-ray flare of the FSRQ PKS B1035-281
  106. The evolution of the current outburst of the low mass X-ray binary IGR J17091-3624
  107. Swift/BAT hard X-ray monitoring: A New Outburst of Black Hole Transient H1743-322
  108. Renewed Activity in the Galactic Black Hole IGR J17091-3624
  109. Swift Follow up observation of the transient source Fermi J1654-1055 (PMN J1632-1052)
  110. Swift observation of GRS 1736-297
  111. Continuing outburst from H 1658-298
  112. New Galactic Center X-ray Transient Detected by Swift: SWIFT J174540.7-290015
  113. Decline in UV and non-detection in X-ray of the transient event OGLE15aaa
  114. Super-soft X-ray emission on day 6.4 from nova LMC N1968-12a strongly suggests a very high mass white dwarf
  115. MAXI/GSC detection of the outburst onset from Be/X-ray binary pulsar GX 304-1
  116. Fermi-LAT Observation of Increased Gamma-ray Emission from the Microquasar Cygnus X-3
  117. Discovery of X-rays from the Type IIP supernova ASASSN 16at with Swift
  118. Swift observations of the early development of the 2016 eruption of the recurrent nova LMCN 1968-12a (OGLE-2016-NOVA-01)
  119. MAXI J1543-564: Swift/XRT non-detection
  120. MAXI/GSC detection of an increased soft x-ray flux in the black hole transient MAXI J1543-564
  121. Swift and OSN UV and optical observations of SN 2016P
  122. Swift and GROND observation of OGLE16aaa
  123. Swift and SMARTS observations of the 2015 outburst of V1118 Ori
  124. Monitoring Geminga (PSR J0633+1746) for Optical Flares over 46.64 days with the Kepler Spacecraft
  125. Swift observations of SN 2016G
  126. Rapid optical decay of the neutron star transient MAXI J0556-332
  127. Swift/UVOT observations of V404 Cyg during the recent X-ray outburst
  128. INTEGRAL and Swift observations of V404 Cyg: going back to quiescence?
  129. A Faint X-ray Dust Scattering Echo from V404 Cyg in Response to Recent Flares
  130. INTEGRAL observes a bright flare and spectral changes in V404 Cyg: possible hard to soft transition ahead?