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UK Involvement in the Swift Mission

University of Leicester

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The University of Leicester provided the key system designs for the X-ray Telescope (XRT) and built the low-temperature CCD focal plane camera and the Telescope Alignment Monitor.

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The University of Leicester continues to provide operational and calibrational support (Images of the XRT hardware). We also host the UK Swift Science Data Centre and provide automated X-ray products for GRBs (including enhanced positions, light-curves and spectra), as well as the capability of building these for non-GRB targets. The UKSSDC also offers training in how to use the data analysis tools, along with a help desk, to which queries can be e-mailed.

Mullard Space Science Laboratory
University College London

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MSSL, together with Penn State University (PSU) in the USA, built the UV/Optical telescope (UVOT) for Swift. The major part of the construction of the UVOT was at MSSL, using designs and expertise from the XMM-Newton Optical Monitor (OM), but the Digital Processing Unit (DPU) was provided by PSU, who produced the software and contracted the hardware to South West Research Institute (SWRI).

UK Swift Team

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We provide a list of the members of the UK Swift Team, covering the science follow-up, hardware and calibration groups. There is a selection of pre-launch posters about Swift and the narrow-field instruments .

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