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Build Swift-XRT products.

We have produced an API and accompanying Python module to allow programmatic use of this facility. Please see API web pages for full details.

This web-form is not designed for bulk processing of large numbers of datasets. If you have a large project you wish to perform, please use the API; the documentation includes an example of how to submit a large number of jobs piecemeal, so as not to overload our servers.

Using this form you can build an XRT light curve, spectrum or enhanced position of any point source observed by Swift. Full documentation for this process is given in the online documentation. You need to be registered to use this service. [Why?].

There are still open issues related to the analysis of Swift-XRT data. Please read the XRT digest pages before drawing conclusions from the products you generate here.

Determining how many active jobs you have…

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To reduce the load on our servers, please select only the independent products you require.

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