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UVOT Data Analysis

UVOT analysis threads

This page is designed to provide a starting point for the analysis of UVOT images. UVOT data are taken in 3 modes: Image mode, Event mode and Image&Event mode. There are 7 broadband filters and 2 grisms, and various window sizes. The subsequent pages deal with analysis of Image mode data. Event mode data are treated in a similar way to X-ray data. For analysis of Event mode data and grism observations you are referred to the UVOT Software Guide, the UVOT Digest and Paul Kuin's "brief data reduction guide for UVOT grism data" (though see also limits for the grism). Online help for any of the UVOT tasks can be found with fhelp taskname or plist taskname.

Here we assume that at least the first batch of data has come down (after the TDRSS data), and we start from the Level 2 products. Steps to convert Level 1 into Level 2 products are not outlined here; for this you are referred to the Swift UVOT Software Guide. Particular care should be taken with the reduction and analysis if the field is crowded, the background is high or your source is very bright or very faint.

New DRESSCode is a python pipeline to reduce Swift UVOT images of extended sources written by Marjorie Decleir of STSci.

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