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Setting up the software

The Swift software is released as part of the HEASOFT software package and can be downloaded from the HEASARC HEASOFT software site; at least the general FTools and XANADU packages will be required, as well as the Swift-specific tools. The software is available for multiple operating systems. Detailed instructions can be found on the installation page.

Each time a new version of the software becomes available, the release notes will identify the changes made.

In addition to the HEASOFT software, some UVOT scripts also need the WCSTools to be installed, specifically scat.

In order to analyse data, the calibration database (CALDB) must be accessible, either as a local installation or using the remote access method. The Swift calibration files are available for the separate instruments.

To check that the CALDB is correctly installed, the FTOOL caldbinfo should be used as follows:

Name of Mission[ ] SWIFT
Name of Instrument[ ] BAT
** caldbinfo 1.0.2
... Local CALDB appears to be set-up & accessible
** caldbinfo 1.0.2 completed successfully

For "Name of instrument", input either BAT, XRT or UVOTA (upper or lower-case; the "A" is required).