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Burst Analyser — BAT-XRT-UVOT light curves

This website contains BAT, XRT and UVOT fluxed light curves of all GRBs observed by Swift. The flux conversion is time-dependant and accounts for spectral evolution. See the online documentation for details

In January 2016 the Burst Analyser was modified to include a new plot: the observed flux density. This plot, which includes UVOT data when available, is the first plot on the individual target pages. See the online documentation for details.

NEW: Guidelines for downloading XRT GRB products in bulk.

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1) Thumbnails of all bursts: flux density (10 keV) | flux (0.3-10 keV) | flux (15-50 keV).


If using these products please cite Evans et al. 2010, and use this acknowledgment.