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Swift ATels - 2006

Most recent ATels are listed at the top of the page.

  1. Swift-BAT detects a bright hard X-ray outburst from GX 339-4
  2. Swift detection of flares from V711 Tau
  3. Detection of Orbital Period in the Wolf-Rayet X-ray Binary IC 10
  4. Swift/XRT Detection of the Hard X-ray Sources IGR J18244-5622 and IGR J21178+5139
  5. Swift observation of HE 0532-4503
  6. Swift Observation of SN 2006lt
  7. Swift/XMM-Newton detection of a large glitch in the bursting transient Anomalous X-ray Pulsar CXO J164710.2-455216
  8. Swift Observations of SN2006lc
  9. Swift J174540.2-290005: Updated position and erratum
  10. Swift J174540.2-290005.3: Detection of a faint transient near Sgr A*
  11. Swift Observations of SN 2006jc in UGC 4904
  12. Announcement of the Swift/BAT Hard X-ray Transient Monitor
  13. IGR J17497-2821: Refined Swift/XRT Analysis
  14. Swift follow-up of X-ray transients in M31
  15. Swift/BAT detects a hard X-ray burst from AXP CXOU J164710.2-455216
  16. Swift observation of the AXP CXO J164710.2-455216 after a burst
  17. IGR J17497-2821: Swift/BAT Detects the New Hard X-ray Transient
  18. IGR J17497-2821: further observations with Swift and INTEGRAL
  19. New X-ray Transients in M31: XMMU J004215.8+411924 and SWIFT J004217.4+411532
  20. Swift Observations of SN2006ej
  21. Swift XRT observation of an X-ray burst of 1A 1246-588
  22. Correction to ATEL 871: A Swift/XRT observation of Aql X-1 during its recent outburst
  23. A Swift/XRT observation of Aql X-1 during its recent outburst
  24. SWIFT/BAT detection of SWIFT J1009.3-4250: a probable Compton-Thick object
  25. Swift/BAT detects an outburst from EXO 2030+375
  26. Swift Observations of Swift J1933.9+3258: a probable radio-quiet AGN
  27. SWIFT XRT Observations of 4U 1608-522 in Outburst
  28. Swift BAT Survey Reports 3 New Hard X-ray Sources Near the Galactic Plane
  29. Swift Observations of SN 2006dm in MCG -01-60-21
  30. BAT Detects a New Outburst of 4U 1608-522
  31. Swift Detection/Confirmation of the Hard X-ray Source SWIFT J2114.3+8206/S52116+81
  32. Swift Observations of SN 2006dd in NGC 1316
  33. The end of the super-soft X-ray phase of the recurrent nova RS Ophiuchi
  34. Swift/XRT Detection of the Hard X-ray Source SWIFT J1656.3-3302
  35. Swift/XRT observation of IGR J08408-4503
  36. Renewed Activity of IGR J16479-4514
  37. Correction to Atel #811: SWIFT and RXTE observations of Cir X-1 in an extended low-flux state
  38. SWIFT and RXTE observations of Cir X-1 in an extended low-flux state
  39. Swift Observations of SN 2006bv in UGC 7848
  40. Soft X-ray decline and cessation of pulsation in RS Oph
  41. IGR J19140+0951 simultaneously observed with INTEGRAL, Swift and RXTE
  42. Swift/BAT detection of a new X-ray source, SWIFT J1656.3-3302, in the Galactic Center region
  43. Swift/BAT Detection of a 5 hour Period in 4U 1954+31
  44. Swift Observations of SN 2006bp in NGC 3953
  45. Swift-BAT observations of SGR 1900+14
  46. Swift XRT detection of the Integral ISGRI source IGR J2018+4043
  47. Optical classification of 3 Swift southern hard X-ray sources
  48. Correction: XTE J1701-462: Swift/XRT refined position
  49. XTE J1701-462: Swift/XRT refined position
  50. Swift/BAT and RXTE/ASM Discovery of the Orbital Period of IGR J16418-4532
  51. SWIFT observation of SN 2006bc
  52. Identification of the X-ray transient Swift J061223.0+701243.9
  53. SGR 1900+14: Swift-BAT detection of renewed activity of a Soft Gamma Repeater
  54. RS Oph: Swift X-ray observations find short period modulation and highly variable low energy flux
  55. Hard X-ray brightening of Ginga 1843+009 seen by Swift/BAT
  56. Swift XRT confirmation of HD 306414 as the counterpart to IGR J11215-5952
  57. Periodic X-ray modulation in Swift J0732.5-1331
  58. The decline and rise of the X-ray flux of RS Oph
  59. SWIFT observation of SN 2006at
  60. Swift/XRT detection of a transient source in the Galactic Center
  61. Swift-UVOT detection of XTEJ1817-330 in the UV
  62. Swift Observations of Supernova 2006X in M 100
  63. Swift observations of Swift J0911.2+4533
  64. SWIFT J1626.6-5156 is not a high mass X-ray binary
  65. Swift X-ray Spectrum and V-band Upper Limit for XTE J1701-462
  66. Swift/XRT localization of XRT J1701-462
  67. SWIFT/BAT Detections of Hard X-ray Sources: IV
  68. Swift Observations of Supernova 2006E in NGC 5338
  69. Swift XRT observations of SWIFT J1626.6-5156
  70. More RXTE PCA observations of SWIFT J1626.6-5156: a peculiar pulsating object
  71. IGR J14536-5522 is identified by Swift