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Swift ATels - 2020

Most recent ATels are listed at the top of the page.

  1. Continued Swift observations of the flat spectrum radio quasar PKS 1127-14
  2. X-Ray flare in the Nearby TeV-Detected Blazar 1ES 1727+502
  3. MAGIC measures high flux state from the blazar 1ES0647+250
  4. Swift follow-up of the flaring FSRQ PKS 1127-14
  5. Another Strong X-Ray flare in the TeV-Detected Blazar 1ES 0647+250
  6. Detection of a bright optical/X-ray flare in FSRQ PKS 0514-459
  7. Swift follow-up observations of the flat spectrum radio quasar PMN J0206-1150 in the error region of IceCube-201130A
  8. Swift observations of the Fermi-LAT source 4FGL J0206.4-1151 in the error region of the IceCube high-energy neutrino alert IceCube-201130A
  9. Swift observations of blazars and blazar candidates in and around the error regions of the gold neutrinos IC201114A and IC201115A
  10. A hard X-ray brightening in the symbiotic star CH Cyg.
  11. Continued burst activity from SGR 1830-0645
  12. Correction to ATel #14199 (Swift XRT observations of the Fermi-LAT source 4FGL J0658.6+0636, positionally consistent with the IceCube high-energy neutrino alert IceCube-201114A)
  13. Fermi J1725.5+1312 in the error region of the neutrino IC201021A is a likely High Energy Peaked (HBL) blazar
  14. Optical and Swift X-ray/UV observations of the 2020 flare of the symbiotic nova V1413 Aql
  15. Swift XRT observations of the Fermi-LAT source 4FGL J0658.6+0636, positionally consistent with the IceCube high-energy neutrino alert IceCube-201114A
  16. Swift/BAT detection of flaring activity from X-ray binary pulsar A 0535+262
  17. A drastic change to the spectrum of ASASSN-20ni
  18. Recurrent Nova M31N 2008-12a: Swift UVOT detection of the 2020 eruption
  19. Swift observations of SMC nova ASASSN-20ni
  20. Recent fading of AT2020iko to near quiescent levels, and search for a high energy counterpart
  21. Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory monitoring of the X-ray transient IGR 17494-3030
  22. INTEGRAL, Swift and SRG/ART-XC joint observation of SRGA J043520.9+552226/AT2019wey
  23. Discovery of the spin period of SGR 1830-0645
  24. Swift detection of a new SGR 1830-0645 or a short GRB 201010A
  25. Swift observations of the classical nova in the symbiotic system V1708 Sco = TCP J17234205-3103072
  26. Swift/BAT "x-ray flare" is an unfortunately timed detector glitch
  27. Swift/BAT detection of a soft X-ray flare possibly associated with CHIME/FRB detection of SGR 1935+2154
  28. Swift detection of record X-ray flare of BL Lacertae
  29. Swift follow-up of BL Lacertae during a bright state
  30. VLA radio non-detection of IGR J17379-3747 as the X-ray flux drops
  31. OJ 287 in a deep X-ray-UV-optical low-state, following the April-June 2020 'super-outburst'
  32. Super-soft X-ray emission of Nova Reticuli 2020
  33. The soft X-ray candidate counterpart of IGR J12341-6143
  34. X-ray flaring of the nuclear transient AT2019avd/eRASStJ082337+042303/ZTF19aaiqmgl: Swift and NICER observations
  35. Swift/XRT follow-up observation of XTE J1810-189
  36. Swift/XRT Detects Resuscitation of GRS 1915+105
  37. Swift/XRT Detects Hard-State X-ray Emission from the 2020 Outburst of Aquila X-1
  38. MAXI J1216-655: Swift/XRT non-detection
  39. Two Nuclear Transients from ZTF Classified as Tidal Disruption Events
  40. X-ray Brightening of AT2019wey
  41. Swift observation of Nova Cassiopeiae 2020 = TCP J00114297+6611190 before peak optical brightness
  42. Swift Detection of an SGR-like flare from AX J1846.4-0258
  43. NuSTAR detection of Nova Reticuli 2020 = MGAB-V207
  44. ASASSN-20hx is a Hard Tidal Disruption Event Candidate
  45. Swift detection of highly-absorbed X-ray emission from Nova Sagittarii 2020 No. 3 = PNV J17580848-3005376
  46. Classification of ASASSN-20hx as a Tidal Disruption Event Candidate
  47. Archival ROSAT and Swift X-ray observations near optical peak of the outbursting AGN AT2018jcp/Gaia20bta/ZTF18aakebhi
  48. Swift and NICER high-cadence observations of the fast, blue optical transient AT2020neh: No X-rays but UV declining rapidly
  49. Recent Swift X-ray Observations of the TDE Candidate AT2020ocn
  50. AT2020ocn/ZTF18aakelin: Tidal Disruption Event that is Brightening in the X-rays
  51. Trigger 980513: Swift detection of SGR Swift J1818.0-1607
  52. Renewed activity of the Galactic center transient Swift J174535.5-285921 seen with Swift/XRT
  53. New giant radio flare from Cyg X-3, correlated with X-rays and gamma-ray flares
  54. Swift J004516.6-734703 = SXP146.6: A newly discovered BeXRB in the SMC
  55. The recurrent nova RS Oph brightens in X-rays
  56. Swift observation and continued optical brightening of Nova Sgr 2020 No. 2 = ASASSN-20ga = PGIR20dsv
  57. MeerKAT radio detection of the transient Galactic black hole candidate Swift J1842.5-1124
  58. MAXI J0637-430 Not Detected by Swift in X-rays
  59. Swift observations of the changing-look AGN UGC 3223: X-ray low-state and extended UV emission
  60. Chandra Constraints on the Current Low-Flux State of NGC7793 P13
  61. Multiple flares during the April-June 2020 outburst of the blazar OJ 287
  62. MeerKAT and Swift/XRT observations of the transient Galactic black hole candidate Swift J1842.5-1124
  63. Swift detection of an SGR-like burst from 1RXS J1708-4009
  64. Swift follow-up observations of the gamma-ray flaring FSRQ PMN J1903-6749
  65. SGR 1935+2154: A complete catalog of X-ray burst times from Swift/BAT imaging
  66. Swift discovery of Mkn 335 in a high X-ray and UV flux state
  67. A possible superorbital modulation of the pulsating ultraluminous X-ray source NGC 7793 P13
  68. Ultraluminous X-ray pulsar P13 in the faint state
  69. SGR 1935+2154: A catalog of X-ray burst times from Swift/BAT during the ongoing 2020 activity period
  70. Swift observations of super-soft X-rays from the 2020 eruption of Nova LMC 1968
  71. Quiescent X-ray observations of Swift J1858.6-0814
  72. A X-ray monitoring of the active magnetar SGR 1935+2154
  73. VLA radio detection of the new X-ray transient SRGt J071522.1-191609
  74. Effelsberg and Swift observations of the blazar OJ 287 in outburst: detection of a radio flare
  75. Changing Look AGN NGC 3516 brightens again after long being in a very low state
  76. Swift/XRT detects a new outburst of the Galactic Center transient GRS 1741.9-2853
  77. SGR 1935+2154: Swift detection of enhanced X-ray emission and dust scattered halo
  78. Swift follow up observation of SRGt J071522.1-191609
  79. Detection of a bright UV - X-ray flare of the blazar OJ 287 with Swift
  80. MAXI/GSC detection of X-ray rebrightening of the neutron X-ray binary XTE J1739-285
  81. Classification of AT2020ddv as a tidal disruption event
  82. X-ray brightening of 2SXPS J173508.4-292958, a candidate symbiotic star
  83. The broadening of emission lines in TCP J21040470+4631129 occurs during a day at the end of rapid fading from the superoutburst
  84. First Estimate of Water Production Rates of Comet C/2019 Y4 (ATLAS) from SWIFT/UVOT observations
  85. SWIFT J004427.3-734801 : discovery of a new Be/X-ray binary system in the Small Magellanic Cloud
  86. The X-ray transient 4U 1630-47 transitioned from the hard to soft spectral state
  87. Swift-BAT detection of bursts from XTE J1701-407
  88. Another Strong X-Ray Flare of TeV-Detected Blazar 1ES 0647+250
  89. Further Swift-XRT observations of Swift J0840.7-3516
  90. Swift/XRT confirms new outburst from XTE J1739-285
  91. X-ray and radio follow-up observations of the X-ray transient Swift J0840.7-3516
  92. MeerKAT and Swift/XRT detection of MAXI J1348-630
  93. A new X-ray transient in SDSS J143359.16+400636.0
  94. X-ray Observations by Swift of the Repeating FRB 180916.J0158+65
  95. Swift/XRT detects (continued) activity of the Galactic center transient AX J1745.6-2901
  96. Swift J0840.7-3516 (AKA GRB 200205A): A newly discovered transient X-ray Pulsar
  97. Swift XRT observations find GX 339-4 in the soft state in Jan 2020
  98. Swift X-ray Observations of the Repeating FRB 180916.J0158+65
  99. X-ray and UV observations of the 56.35 min period star MGAB-V269
  100. Swift follow-up of the on-going flare of the blazar B2 1420+32
  101. Swift follow-up observations of IceCube-200107A: Identification of a X-ray high state for 4FGL J0955.1+3551
  102. Swift observation of a flaring very extreme blazar in the error region of the high-energy neutrino Ice-Cube 200107A
  103. Early ZTF and UVOT Observations of ZTF20aaelulu, a Supernova Candidate in M100