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Swift ATels - 2011

Most recent ATels are listed at the top of the page.

  1. Swift follow-up of the high redshift flaring blazar 4C +71.07 (S5 0836+71)
  2. Swift observes the XMM-Newton Slew Survey bright transient XMMSL1 J063045.9-603110
  3. Swift observations of SN2011ja
  4. Swift follow-up of 1RXS J194211.9+255552
  5. Swift follow-up of the high redshift flaring blazar PKS 2123-463
  6. GROND+Swift/UVOT photometric redshift for the flaring blazar PKS 2123-463
  7. Swift observations of SN2011it
  8. Detection of periodic X-ray modulation of SFXT IGR J16207-5129 in the Swift-BAT light curve
  9. Swift observations of the flaring GeV blazar OG 050 (TXS 0529+075)
  10. Swift observations of SN2011hs
  11. Swift XRT/UVOT observations of the supersoft X-ray source candidate MAXI J0158-744
  12. 2XMM J010247.4-720449 is a Be/X-ray binary, detected in outburst with Swift
  13. Swift observations of the supersoft X-ray transient XRF 111111A / MAXI J0158-744
  14. MAXI J0158-744/XRF 111111A: Swift X-ray and U band detection
  15. Swift detection of super soft X-ray emission in Nova V2468 Cygni
  16. Swift J053041.9-665426 is most likely a Be/X-ray binary
  17. Swift J053041.9-665426: a new LMC X-ray transient
  18. Swift detection of a type-I X-ray burst from Swift J1922.7-1716
  19. Swift observations of SN2011hg
  20. Swift and RXTE observations of the on-going outburst of the accreting ms pulsar SAX J1808.4-3658
  21. Swift Detects a New Outburst of the Millisecond Accreting Pulsar SAX J1808.4-3658
  22. Improved Swift-XRT position of the transient source in Terzan 5
  23. Swift and RXTE follow up observations of the transient currently active in the globular cluster Terzan 5
  24. New X-ray transient outburst in Terzan 5
  25. Swift Discovery of a Luminous New X-ray Source in M101 near SN2011fe
  26. RXTE and Swift detect new activity from Aql X-1
  27. Swift detects an outburst of IGR J17407-2808/CXOU J174042.0-280724
  28. Swift reports the detection of the transient source Swift J1836.6+0341/XTE J1837+037
  29. Swift follow up observations of the flaring gamma-ray blazar 4C +28.07
  30. Correction: MAXI J1543-564 in hard intermediate state
  31. Swift XRT follow-up of the transient magnetar CXO J1647-4552
  32. Swift finds the recurrent nova T Pyx has become X-ray bright and variable
  33. Continued Swift monitoring campaign of SN2011fe
  34. Swift detects an X-ray burst and renewed activity from KS 1741-293
  35. Follow-up observations of TXS 1530-131 (PMN J1532-1319) using Fermi/LAT and Swift/XRT
  36. MAXI J1836-194: Swift localization and optical counterpart
  37. MAXI/GSC and Swift/BAT detect a new hard X-ray transient MAXI J1836-194
  38. Swift observations of the flaring blazar B3 0650+453
  39. The neutron star transient XTE J1701-407 has returned to quiescence after a 3-year long outburst
  40. Continued Swift/UVOT Monitoring of PTF11kly/SN2011fe
  41. Evidence for X-ray emission from the type Ia SN PTF11kly (Erratum)
  42. Evidence for X-ray emission from the type Ia SN PTF11kly
  43. Swift/UVOT Observations of PTF11kly
  44. Swift observations of a new outburst of the SFXT IGR J08408-4503
  45. No detected X-ray counterpart to type Ia SN PTFkly
  46. New Swift SMC transient = IGR J00515-7328?
  47. The spin-down of Swift J1834.9-0846: confirmation as magnetar
  48. New SWIFT X-ray transient in the SMC: A new Be/X-ray binary?
  49. New outburst from the best intermediate mass black hole candidate HLX-1 in ESO 243-49: evidence for an approximate recurrence timescale of a year
  50. Swift confirmation of outburst from Swift J1922.7-1716
  51. New X-ray Outburst of ESO 243-49 HLX-1
  52. IGR J17498-2921: improved Swift/XRT position
  53. Swift localization of the new hard X-ray transient IGR J17498-2921
  54. Continued X-ray Monitoring of Magnetar Candidate SWIFT J1822.3-1606
  55. The recurrent nova T Pyx: fading in optical/UV, brightening in X-rays, H alpha development, and a request for photometry
  56. Swift UVOT detection of SN2011ek
  57. IGR J05414-6858 detected in X-ray outburst with SWIFT
  58. Swift observations of SN2011ei (PSN J20342262-3158236)
  59. Swift/UVOT observations of PSN J11183170+5758372 -- a probable subluminous SN Ia
  60. Swift/XRT Observations of Anomalous X-ray Pulsar 4U 0142+61 Following a Burst
  61. No detected X-ray counterpart to SN2011ef
  62. Swift UVOT Detection of PTF11iqb
  63. The Galactic center transient Swift J174535.5-285921 has returned to quiescence
  64. MAXI J1659-152 has likely returned back into quiescence
  65. Swift/BAT reports renewed activity from Cir X-1
  66. Swift J1822.3-1606: refined X-ray timing and spectral parameters
  67. Swift J1822.3-1606: Enhanced Swift-XRT position
  68. SGR 1822-1606 (Swift J1822.3-1606): X-ray spectrum and refined spin period from Swift XRT analysis
  69. Swift J1822.3-1606: Swift-XRT detection of the X-ray counterpart
  70. Swift J1822.3-1606: A Probable New SGR in Ground Analysis of BAT data
  71. Zw 229-15 returning to higher X-ray flux state
  72. Swift/XRT discovers a new X-ray transient near the Galactic center: Swift J174535.5-285921
  73. Swift/XRT monitoring of the long outburst of the Very Faint X-ray Transient XMMU J174716.1-281048
  74. Swift follow-up of BL Lacertae after a bright TeV flare
  75. Swift reports the detection of a new transient source Swift J1112.2-8238
  76. Dramatic decrease in X-ray flux for Zw229-15
  77. Swift/BAT Transient Monitor results for Swift J185003.2-005627
  78. Swift-XRT/UVOT observations of the new Galactic Transient Swift J185003.2-005627
  79. Swift detected outburst of the SFXT IGR J18410-0535/AX1841.0-0536
  80. Swift UVOT detection of PNV J00422413+4111549: a very fast nova in M 31 or a flaring foreground star?
  81. M 31 in X-rays with Swift - a new transient and an old source gone
  82. Swift and Chandra X-ray detections of nova M31N 2011-01b
  83. 1RXS J184542.4+483134 is a new eclipsing polar
  84. Continued Swift and GROND observations of Swift J2058+0516
  85. Swift/XRT monitoring of SN2011dh: evidence for fading
  86. Swift/XRT monitoring observations of SN2011dh
  87. Swift Detection of an X-Ray Source at the Position of the Type Ia SN 2011by
  88. Swift Detection of PTF11eon/SN2011dh
  89. Swift/XRT detection of PSN J13303600+4706330 (PTF11eon)
  90. Swift-XRT follow-up of 2 unidentified INTEGRAL sources
  91. Swift reports the detection of a new transient source Swift J2058.4+0516
  92. GX 339-4 is back in a faint state close to quiescence
  93. Further re-brightening of the black hole candidate MAXI J1659-152
  94. Swift observations of BL Lacertae
  95. X-ray detection of the supernova candidate MASTER OT 082752.77+704606.0
  96. Swift/XRT measurement of position and X-ray spectrum of M15 X-ray binary
  97. MAXI J1543-564: Swift/XRT confirmation of transition to soft state
  98. MAXI J1543-564: Follow-up Swift observation and timing analysis
  99. MAXI J1543-564: Swift/XRT localization
  100. Swift/XRT localization of IGR J19149+1036
  101. Continued Swift monitoring of the black hole candidate MAXI J1659-152
  102. Swift-XRT follow-up of the unidentified INTEGRAL source: IGR J08282-3736
  103. Swift-XRT follow-up of 2 unidentified INTEGRAL sources
  104. Broad band energy spectrum and a low frequency QPO from H1743-322 in the hard state revealed by INTEGRAL and Swift observations
  105. Swift/XRT observation of the Crab Nebula after the gamma-ray flare observed on April 11, 2011
  106. Swift/XRT follow-up observations of unidentified INTEGRAL sources (3)
  107. Swift/XRT follow-up observations of unidentified INTEGRAL sources (2)
  108. Swift/XRT follow-up observations of unidentified INTEGRAL sources (1)
  109. Swift follow-up of the optical transient MASTER OT 082752.77+704606.0
  110. Swift X-ray follow-up observations of two INTEGRAL sources: IGRJ12470-5407 and IGRJ18532+0416
  111. Swift J164449.3+573451/GRB 110328A: Continued Swift Monitoring
  112. Swift XRT/UVOT monitoring of MAXI J1659-152 during its low luminosity phase
  113. Swift J164449.3+573451 (AKA GRB110328A): A new candidate SFXT?
  114. Swift observations of a new bright outburst of the SFXT IGR J17544-2619
  115. Swift/XRT follow-up observation on IGR J17177-3656 at soft X-rays
  116. Improved Swift-XRT position of SAX J1806.5-2215
  117. Swift follow-up of the flaring BL Lac 1ES0806+524
  118. Swift discovery of 328s coherent pulsations from the HMXB IGR J17200-3116
  119. The soft spectral state of the black hole candidate IGR J17091-3624 observed by INTEGRAL and Swift
  120. Swift/XRT localization of the neutron star X-ray transient SAX J1806.5-2215
  121. Swift XRT/UVOT follow-up of the Black Hole Candidate MAXI J1659-152 during a low luminosity state
  122. New Swift observations of the SFXT IGR J11215-5952 in outburst
  123. Swift observations of an outburst in XTE J1739-302/IGR J17391-3021
  124. Swift/XRT confirms the INTEGRAL detection of a faint outburst from SAX J1750.8-2900
  125. Swift/XRT refined analysis of the unidentified INTEGRAL source IGR J16413-4046
  126. Swift observations of a flare in IGR J16418-4532
  127. Swift observations of Swift J1843.5-0343
  128. Radio emission from IGR J17091-3624 observed with the ATCA
  129. Swift/XRT detects SAX J1747.0-2853 (=MAXI J1745-288) in outburst
  130. Increased X-ray activity and likely binary period of HESS J0632+057 Observed by Swift-XRT
  131. Swift/XRT Observations Confirm that IGR J17091-3624 is in Outburst
  132. Swift/BAT reports renewed activity from IGR J17091-3624
  133. Swift Observations of Swift J1357.2-0933
  134. Swift/BAT reports the detection of a new transient source Swift J1357.2-0933
  135. Swift follow-up of the gamma-ray flaring BL Lac CGRaBS J0211+1051
  136. Swift/BAT reports the detection of a new galactic transient
  137. MAXI J0556-332: Swift/XRT localization