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Swift ATels - 2023

Most recent ATels are listed at the top of the page.

  1. NICER, Swift, and NuSTAR observations of a rapid decay in XTE J1701-462
  2. NuSTAR+Swift observations and possible dimming of the new X-ray transient MAXI J1834-021
  3. SLX 1746-331: Swift/XRT confirmation of outburst
  4. X-rays observations of PSR B1259-63 do not show an increased X-ray activity at apastron
  5. The Lowest Historical 0.3-10 keV State of the TeV-Detected Blazar 1ES 1011+496
  6. MAXI J1834-021: Swift/XRT detection and localization
  7. Swift Bulge Survey: New outbursts from XTE 1739-285 and IGR J17445-2747 (Addendum)
  8. 4U 1630-47 still in outburst: Potential hard X-ray flaring recently detected by INTEGRAL and Swift/BAT
  9. MAXI J1747-249 is Swift J174805.3-244637 (AKA Terzan 5 X-3)
  10. Swift/XRT detection of the nova candidate TCP J17562787-1714548
  11. The Black Hole GRS 1915+105 is Still Active in X-rays
  12. Continued X-ray Monitoring of LS V +44 17 with NICER, Swift/BAT, and MAXI
  13. S-CUBED observations of eRASSU J012422.9-724248
  14. LS V +44 17 continues to rise beyond 2 Crab
  15. Swift-XRT detection of a new X-ray transient, Swift J103441.7-571527
  16. Rebrightening of 1 Crab from LS V+44 17 observed by Swift/BAT and NICER
  17. Blazar 4C+29.45 in a high X-ray state