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Swift ATels - 2021

Most recent ATels are listed at the top of the page.

  1. Swift observations identified the X-ray transient MAXI J1909+094 as 4U 1907+09
  2. Swift follow-up observations of the flaring millimeter-band source SPT-SJ010023-4357.1
  3. Swift follow-up observations of the blazar PKS 0420-014
  4. Swift J1555.2-5402 : More SGR bursts seen by BAT
  5. Swift observations and continued spectroscopy/photometry of nova V5856 Sgr trapped in persistent nuclear burning five years past the 2016 outburst
  6. Enhanced X-Ray Activity of the southern TeV-Detected Blazar PKS 2155-304
  7. Further monitoring of FRB 20201124A with Swift
  8. Detection of flaring very-high-energy gamma-ray emission from BL Lacertae with the MAGIC telescopes
  9. Beginning of a giant radio flare from Cygnus X-3
  10. SRGe J131014.2+444315 - a tidal disruption event at early phase
  11. Swift/BAT discovery of a new transient source Swift J1729.5-3223
  12. Swift/XRT detects a new accretion outburst from the Galactic center X-ray transient AX J1745.6-2901
  13. Swift XRT/UVOT follow-up of the recent optical activity of blazar BL Lacertae
  14. UV follow-up observations of five recently active novae in UV
  15. Swift detection of super-soft X-ray emission from V1674 Her
  16. Swift UVOT photometry and spectra from V1674 Her
  17. Brightening of MAXI J0903-531 Seen with Fermi GBM and Swift BAT, and a Candidate Orbital Period
  18. Swift detection of the NLS1 galaxy Mkn 335 in a high X-ray flux state
  19. Ultraviolet detections of three probable novae in M31
  20. Swift UVOT detection of the black hole transient 4U 1543-47
  21. Swift follow-up observations of the gamma-ray flaring blazar PKS 1454-354
  22. Multi-wavelength follow up of the very fast Nova Herculis 2021 (TCP J18573095+1653396)
  23. SGR Swift J1555.2-5402 : Swift-BAT detects two additional bursts
  24. New outburst from the bursting pulsar GRO J1744-28
  25. MAXI J1733-222 / 4U 1730-22: Updated Swift localization
  26. MAXI J1733-222: Swift identification as likely 4U 1730-22 in first outburst since 1972 discovery
  27. Update on the spin-down rate of Swift J1555.2-5402
  28. Swift J1555.2-5402: Swift XRT refined analysis of the new SGR
  29. A Disk Wind in the Black Hole Candidate MAXI J1803-298
  30. Swift XRT/UVOT follow-up of the renewed flaring activity of blazar PKS 0514-459
  31. Continuing >100 MeV Activity from the PSR B1259-63/LS 2883 System 85 Days Post-periastron Detected with the Fermi-LAT
  32. Swift Detection of MAXI J1803-298 including an optical counterpart
  33. Low level optical activity in MAXI J1820+070
  34. Swift J1357.2-0933 as observed with Swift during its 2021 outburst
  35. Swift/XRT observations of PGIR21fjn/AT2021kgk
  36. Long-Term X-ray Flaring Activity of the TeV-Detected Blazar H1426+428
  37. MAXI J0903-531: Swift localization and optical counterpart
  38. Swift Bulge Survey: Follow-up observations of the transient source Swift J174038.1-273712
  39. Swift Bulge Survey: Discovery of a new X-ray transient, Swift J174038.1-273712
  40. Swift upper limit on early X-ray emission of Nova Sagittarii 2021 No. 2 = V6595 Sgr = PNV J17581670-2914490
  41. Early NuSTAR and Swift X-ray detection of Nova Cassiopeiae 2021 = V1405 Cas = PNV J23244760+6111140
  42. Swift/XRT position of SRGA J181414.6-225604
  43. Observations of FRB 20201124A with Swift/XRT and UVOT
  44. Swift observations of FRB20201124A
  45. NICER and Swift observations of the new outburst of MAXI J1820+070
  46. Ultraviolet and X-ray observations of YY Her in outburst
  47. Start of the Swift monitoring of the Galactic bulge central part
  48. (S)wift/XRT localization of the newly discovered transient IGR J17533-2928
  49. MAXI J1848-015: Swift localization at the core of GLIMPSE-C01
  50. Optical monitoring of GX 339-4 suggests the source is approaching state transition
  51. Detection of enhanced X-ray flaring activity from Centaurus X-3 by Swift/BAT, MAXI/GSC and Fermi/GBM
  52. 4U 1755-338 is still in a soft/thermally dominated state after 10 months
  53. Renewed activity of X-ray binary pulsar A 0535+262 detected by Swift/BAT, MAXI/GSC, and Fermi/GBM
  54. Swift observation of the magnetar SGR 1935+2154 following the detection of several bursts
  55. A new ultraluminous X-ray source in NGC 4945
  56. Swift resumes X-ray monitoring observations of the Galactic center after Sun constraints
  57. Swift detects X-rays from XTE J1859+226; continued optical brightening.
  58. Increased X-ray activity for the black hole binary GX 339-4 detected with NuSTAR and Swift/XRT
  59. Swift follow-up observations of BL Lacertae during a new flaring activity
  60. Swift/MAXI/Fermi detection of strong X-ray activity from 2S 1417-624
  61. Swift/BAT detection of increasing activity from SS Cygni
  62. Swift J011511.0-725611: S-CUBED detection of a possible Be/WD Binary in the SMC
  63. Swift detection of a new SGR Swift J1851.2-6148 or a short GRB 210119A
  64. Cen X-4 returns to quiescent levels in X-ray, optical, and UV
  65. Swift/MAXI follow-up of recent outburst from X-ray pulsar 2S 1553-542
  66. Swift and NICER X-ray monitoring of the probable new outburst of Cen X-4
  67. XB-NEWS detects a probable new outburst from Cen X-4 after 41 years
  68. The Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory detection of hard X-ray outburst from Cygnus X-3