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Swift ATels - 2018

Most recent ATels are listed at the top of the page.

  1. SWIFT follow-up of the flaring blazar PKS0346-27 (BZQJ0348-2749)
  2. S-CUBED detection of SXP 756 in outburst
  3. Rebrightening of the changing look Seyfert galaxy NGC 1566
  4. Swift/XRT detection of a bright X-ray transient associated with ASASSN-18abj = AT 2018jro
  5. Classification of AT2018hco (ATLAS18way/ZTF18abxftqm) as a tidal disruption flare
  6. Recurrent nova M31N 2008-12a: The 2018 X-ray turn-off seen by Swift/XRT
  7. SXP 304: S-CUBED detection of an outburst, possible orbital period
  8. The X-ray transient system in the Small Magellanic Cloud, Swift J005139.2-721704 - binary period and optical spectral class
  9. Detection of a new X-ray outburst of Aquila X-1 by Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory
  10. Significant Intrinsic Absorption in Swift J1858.6-0814
  11. A new X-ray transient system in the Small Magellanic Cloud, Swift J005139.2-721704
  12. Recurrent nova M31N 2008-12a: Swift/XRT detection of the 2018 eruption
  13. Recurrent nova M31N 2008-12a: Swift UVOT detection of the 2018 eruption
  14. Optical observations of the rapidly varying newly discovered transient Swift J1858.6-0814
  15. Swift J1858.6-0814: Localization and variability of the optical counterpart
  16. Swift J1858.6-0814: Swift XRT and UVOT localization
  17. Swift reports the detection of a new galactic transient source Swift J1858.6-0814
  18. Swift/BAT does not detect the FSRQ SDSS J002829.81+200026.7
  19. Swift observation of the nova candidate in Norma PNV J16143400-5330050
  20. Swift/BAT detection of a 13 crab hard X-ray flare from the FSRQ SDSS J002829.81+200026.7
  21. Swift detection of the rapidly flaring FSRQ SDSSJ002829.81+200026.7
  22. MAXI/GSC detection of the X-ray outbursts from Be/X-ray binary pulsars, A 0535+26 and GRO J10087-57
  23. Enhanced activity of OJ 287 after its emergence from Swift Sun constraint
  24. 4U 1630-47 flux dropping, but still in the soft state
  25. The Low-mass X-ray binary Swift J1658.2-4242 returned to quiescence
  26. Swift observes MAXI J1820+070 in transition from the soft to the hard-intermediate state
  27. Swift follow-up of the flaring blazar B2 1633+38 (4C +38.41)
  28. ZTF Discovery of a Tidal Disruption Event at z=0.051
  29. Swift observations of ZTF18abukavn/AT2018gep
  30. Deep INTEGRAL, NuSTAR and Swift ToO observations of accretion-powered millisecond pulsar IGR J17591-2342: a peculiar outburst profile showing a re-brightening onset on Aug. 18, 2018
  31. Swift follow-up of the Symbiotic Binary HBHa 1704-05
  32. Chandra Localization of IGR J17503-2636
  33. Correction to ATel #11981, Swift/BAT observations of IGR J17591-2342
  34. Swift/BAT observations of IGR J15791-2342
  35. Swift follow-up of a bright optical outburst from SS 433
  36. ATCA radio detection of the new X-ray transient IGR J17591-2342 suggests a black hole candidate
  37. IGR J17503-2636: a new X-ray transient discovered by INTEGRAL and confirmed by Swift
  38. IGR J17591-2342: Swift/XRT localization and characterization
  39. Apparent Superorbital Modulation in 4U 1538-52 at Four Times the Orbital Period
  40. Swift observations of the 2018 nova eruption from V392 Persei
  41. Swift observations in all filters of the Seyfert galaxy NGC 1566 in outburst
  42. MASTER OT Detection at SWIFT XRT Position
  43. MAXI J1727-203 Transition to the Hard State
  44. Swift XRT Non-detection of TDE Candidate AT2018dyb in X-rays
  45. Optical, X, HE gamma-ray activity of the FSRQ PKS 0035-252
  46. Possible SGR-like bursts and X-ray brightening from the magnetar 1RXS J170849.0-400910 (Retraction)
  47. Black hole candidate GRS 1739-278 is exhibiting an unusual, long-duration quasi-steady hard state
  48. Update on Swift observations of Mkn 335 in its deep low state
  49. Discovery of the NLS1 Mkn 335 in the lowest UV flux state ever
  50. Evidence for fading of the hard X-ray emission from AT2018cow
  51. Increase in the X-ray flux of AT2018cow
  52. INTEGRAL hard X-ray spectroscopy of AT2018cow: preliminary detection of a cutoff at ~40 keV
  53. Swift/UVOT observation of the enhanced nuclear activity from NGC 1566
  54. Swift follow-up observations determine enhanced nuclear activity from NGC 1566
  55. AT2018cow: Swift/BAT data search
  56. NuSTAR observations of AT2018cow reveal a hard X-ray component of emission above 15 keV
  57. Further Swift/UVOT Observations of AT2018cow
  58. Swift X-ray follow-up observations of AT2018cow/ATLAS18qqn
  59. INTEGRAL detection of hard X-ray emission from NGC 1566
  60. A new outburst from the Rapid Burster
  61. Swift follow-up observations of the optical transient AT2018cow/ATLAS18qqn - update
  62. Swift follow-up observations of the optical transient AT2018cow/ATLAS18qqn
  63. A new outburst of 4U 1630-472 and its very soft X-ray spectra
  64. Swift localization of MAXI J1727-203
  65. Swift X-ray detection of the nuclear transient Gaia17dbg
  66. NGC 2617 brightens again after long very low state
  67. Swift observations of SDSS J141118.31+481257.6 during superoutburst
  68. MAXI J1727-203: Swift observation
  69. Swift observation of Nova Lupi 2018 = PNV J15384000-4744500
  70. The AM CVn-type system SDSS J141118.31+481257.6 is going back to quiescence
  71. Swift observations of SDSS J141118.31+481257.6 during its first detected outburst
  72. Swift Observations of 2MASS J070931-353746
  73. Re-brightening of the black hole candidate MAXI J1535-571 as it transitioned back to the soft state
  74. Discovery of [Fe X] and super-soft X-ray emission from the gamma-ray nova ASASSN-17mt (Nova Vel 2017)
  75. VLA & Swift Observations of Liller 1 Indicate CXOU J173324.6-332321 is Likely a Neutron Star X-Ray Binary
  76. A hard X-ray flare of SAX J1712.6-3739: a superburst event?
  77. X-ray spectral hardening and radio non-detection of MAXI J1535-571
  78. NuSTAR detects X-rays from a deeply embedded shock in the Fermi-detected nova ASASSN-18fv
  79. NuSTAR observations of Swift J1756.9-2508 during its April 2018 outburst
  80. Discovery of a new X-ray transient in the globular cluster Liller 1
  81. Further detection of the optical low frequency QPO in the black hole transient MAXI J1820+070
  82. FAST's Discovery of a New Millisecond Pulsar (MSP) toward the Fermi-LAT unassociated source 3FGL J0318.1+0252
  83. Swift detections of the flaring blazar GAIA 18ayp (PKS 2333-415) in X-rays and the UV
  84. Optical/X-ray Flux Decoupling in MAXI J1820+070
  85. Swift/BAT confirms the giant outburst of H 1417-624
  86. A TeV-Detected Blazar 1ES 1959+650 in a Strong 0.3-10 keV Flaring State
  87. X-ray re-brightening of the accreting millisecond X-ray pulsar IGR J17379-3747
  88. X-ray rebrightening of the Be/X-ray transient Swift J0243.6+6124
  89. Swift UVOT Observations show SN Ia 2018aoz/DLT18q is UV-bright
  90. Detection of optical and X-ray QPOs at similar frequencies in MAXI J1820+070
  91. Swift/BAT confirms the outburst of Swift J1756.9-2508
  92. Swift UVOT Observations of SN2018apl/ASASSN-18gq
  93. New X-ray outburst of accreting millisecond pulsar SWIFT J1756.9-2508 detected by INTEGRAL
  94. Enhanced X-ray Activity of the UHBL Source 1ES 0033+595
  95. VLA radio detection of the very-faint X-ray transient IGR J17379-3747
  96. MAXI J1820+070: VLT and GTC spectroscopic follow-up shows a significant spectral evolution from the early stages of the outburst
  97. MAXI/GSC detection of the outburst onset from the Be/X-ray binary pulsar 2S 1417-624
  98. Swift follow-up of ASSASN-18fs
  99. Near Infrared JHKs observations of the transient MAXI J1820+070 / ASASSN-18ey
  100. X-rays follow-up of the Gamma-ray flaring FSRQ PKS 0346-27
  101. Swift and VLT observations of the supernova OGLE18act = AT2018act
  102. VLT, SALT and Swift observations confirm the blazar nature of OGLE18wc = AT2018wc
  103. Correlated Optical/X-ray Timing Variations in MAXI J1820+070 found by Swift UVOT and XRT
  104. The hard X-ray spectrum of MAXI J1820+070 observed by Swift/BAT
  105. Swift Observations of OGLE-2018-NOVA-01
  106. Swift observation of Nova Ophiuchi 2018 No.2 = PNV J17140261-2849237 = TCP J17140253-2849233
  107. MAXI J1820+070: Errata and updated XRT Position
  108. Swift-XRT observations of SN 2018zd
  109. Swift detection of MAXI J1820+070
  110. A new candidate TDE from XMM-Newton slew data
  111. Detection of Highly-Absorbed X-rays from Nova Mus 2018 with Swift
  112. ATCA radio detection of the new X-ray transient MAXI J1813-095 as a candidate radio-quiet black hole X-ray binary
  113. MAXI J1813-095: Swift detection and localization
  114. ATCA radio detection of the new X-ray transient Swift J1658.2-4242
  115. Identification of AX J1620.1- 5002 with MAXI J1621-501
  116. X-ray Flare from Galactic Center Detected by Swift
  117. Swift J1658.2-4242: Possible pulsar periodicity detected
  118. Swift J1658.2-4242: Swift BAT and XRT refined analysis
  119. Rapid decline in optical and UV brightness of ASAS-SN 17pf
  120. UVOT detection of PNV J16484962-4457032
  121. The Stellar-mass Black Hole IGR J17091-3624 is in an Active State
  122. Renewed activity from the magnetar CXOU J164710.2-455216
  123. Swift resumes X-ray monitoring observations of the Galactic center in 2018
  124. A Further Outburst from the Magnetar 1E 1048.1-5937
  125. NGC 300 ULX-1 / SN 2010da: Early Swift period measurement and modeling of spin-up
  126. Continued spin-up of the NGC300 ULX-1, supernova impostor SN2010da
  127. X-ray and UV observations of Nova Mus 2018 with Swift
  128. Recurrent nova M31N 2008-12a: The 2017-eruption X-ray turn-off seen by Swift/XRT
  129. Swift XRT observes GX 339-4 in the hard state in Jan 2018
  130. MAXI J1630-276: Swift/XRT non-detection
  131. Swift/BAT finds hard X-Ray flaring activity correlated with an ongoing TeV flare of Mrk421
  132. Spin period evolution of the newly identified ULX pulsar (NGC 300 ULX1) associated with the supernova impostor SN2010da
  133. New measurement of the period for the 4th ULX pulsar - the supernova impostor SN2010da in NGC 300
  134. Swift observation of OGLE17jei = SN 2017jei
  135. Swift Observations of GAIA17dev and GAIA17dez
  136. Swift/BAT discovery of SWIFT J0658.6-0330
  137. Recurrent nova M31N 2008-12a: Swift/XRT detection of the 2017 eruption
  138. Recurrent nova M31N 2008-12a: Swift UVOT detection of the 2017 eruption