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Swift ATels - 2014

Most recent ATels are listed at the top of the page.

  1. New transient ULX in NGC 7793: upper limits on its radio flux
  2. Swift UV light curves of novae M31N 2014-10a and 2014-11a; new outburst time and large-amplitude variation of 2014-11a
  3. Swift follow-up of the flaring blazar PKS 0736+01
  4. Swift X-ray observations of CSS141028-081814+044553 (Type Ib SN)
  5. Swift observations of PSN J20250386-2449133 (Type Ic SN)
  6. Swift observations of MASTER OT J120451.50+265946.6 (Type Ib SN)
  7. No X-ray increase from MASTER OT J053123.94+120051.5
  8. Swift-XRT spectrum of the first detected double-peaked outburst of GRO J1008-57
  9. MAXI/GSC and Swift/XRT detection of an X-ray flare from 1RXS J043657.1-161258
  10. Swift/BAT detects of a new X-ray outburst of GX 339-4
  11. Discovery of the Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Galaxy RX J2317.8-4422 in a very deep X-ray Low State by Swift
  12. X-ray follow-up of 3C120 activity
  13. Recurrent nova M31N 2008-12a: Swift XRT observes the end of the supersoft X-ray phase
  14. Bright outburst of the SFXT IGR J17544-2619 observed by Swift
  15. Recurrent nova M31N 2008-12a: Swift XRT spectrum confirms supersoft X-ray emission
  16. Recurrent nova M31N 2008-12a: the 2014 outburst detected in X-rays with Swift XRT
  17. Fermi-LAT detection of a new transient gamma-ray source Fermi J2007-2518
  18. Swift/UVOT Observations of PSN J00150875-3912501 in NGC 55
  19. Fermi and Swift observations of increased activity in blazar PMN J2141-6411
  20. IGR J17454-2919: a new X-ray transient found by INTEGRAL/JEM-X close to the Galactic Center
  21. Swift observations of HD 305560
  22. New Galactic transient IGR J17451-3022 still soft
  23. Detection of spectral hardening in IGR J17451-3022; evidence for a LMXB
  24. Swift J0513.4-6547 in outburst
  25. Swift observes an outburst of the symbiotic star system 4U 1700+24 (V934 Her)
  26. Follow-up of ASASSN-14ei show He lines in the spectra and Swift/XRT X-ray detection
  27. Swift observations of the ongoing outburst of IGR J17451-3022
  28. Discovery of the NLS1 Mkn 335 in an X-ray high state
  29. MAXI/GSC observation of an outburst from the Be/X-ray binary pulsar GRO J1008-57
  30. Swift/UVOT observations of ASASSN-14ha
  31. Soft, absorbed X-ray spectra of the new transient IGR J17451-3022
  32. No sustained enhancement of the X-ray emission at the Galactic center
  33. X-ray Flare from Galactic Center Detected by Swift
  34. Swift J004346.0+410736, an X-ray transient in M 31
  35. eta Carinae Emerging from the X-ray Minimum
  36. A new X-ray transient, IGR J17451-3022, discovered by INTEGRAL/JEM-X near the Galactic Centre
  37. X-ray and Optical follow-up of the mid-2014 Outburst of Aql X-1 at peak and at low activity
  38. Another episode of probably moderate optical/X-ray activity from the Be/X-ray binary KS 1947+300
  39. Fermi and Swift Observations of High Activity in the FSRQ PKS 0502+049
  40. Swift Follow-up of the New Gamma-ray Detection of TXS 1731+152A
  41. Swift Follow-up of the recent Gamma-ray flare in PKS 0402-362
  42. X-ray emission of nova M31N 2014-02a detected with Swift
  43. Chandra discovery of 3.2s X-ray pulsations from SGR 1935+2154
  44. X-ray to radio observations of SS 433 following the bright optical flare
  45. Start of Eta Car's X-ray Minimum
  46. Swift J004234.8+410417, a new X-ray transient in M 31
  47. Cygnus X-1 has returned to soft state
  48. IM Peg: Swift confirmation of X-ray flare and erratum to ATel #6322 and #6296
  49. Decline of the 2-10 keV Emission from Eta Carinae
  50. Swift X-ray/UV observations of ASASSN-14ds / 1RXS J204455.9-115151
  51. Swift observations of a flare from UX Ari
  52. X-ray, UV and millimeter observations of ASASSN-14du
  53. SGR 1935+2154 Swift-BAT archival data search
  54. Newly discovered SGR 1935+2154: Swift observations
  55. Swift confirm renewed activity of the transient neutron star X-ray binary Aql X-1
  56. Renewed IR and optical activity of SAX J2103.5+4545
  57. Swift Follow-up of the New Gamma-ray Detection of PKS 0131-522
  58. Outburst and Possible Orbital Period of Swift J1816.7-1613
  59. Short-term X-ray/gamma-ray variability from PSR B1259-63
  60. Cygnus X-1 - a (failed?) state transition
  61. Swift observations of Cep X-4 in outburst
  62. Swift/UVOT observations of PSN J14595947+0154262 in NGC5806
  63. Outburst Ephemeris for the Supergiant Fast X-ray Transient IGR J17544-2619
  64. Swift Follow-up of the Gamma-ray Flare in PKS 2142-75
  65. SXP1062 in outburst
  66. Fermi/LAT and Swift/XRT observations of PSR B1259-63/LS 2883 over the recent periastron passage
  67. Swift trigger 600114 is not an outbursting X-ray source
  68. MAXI J1932+091: Swift/XRT Observations of the MAXI error circle
  69. New bright outburst of the SFXT IGR J17544-2619 observed by Swift
  70. Detection of a 924s Modulation from Swift J1808.4-1754
  71. The Highest Historical 0.3-10 keV Flux in HBL Source Markarian 501
  72. Swift UV and X-ray follow-up of the gamma-ray flare of PKS 2155-304
  73. Swift observations of the galactic transient source Swift J1808.4-1754
  74. Optical Spectroscopy and Swift XRT/UVOT Observations of ASASSN-14ax: Evidence of a Type Ia Supernova
  75. Swift and NOT follow-up of the proposed X-ray counterpart of Fermi J0641-0317: evidence for association with the extra-galactic radio source PMN J0641-0320
  76. Swift reports the detection of a new galactic transient source Swift J1808.4-1754
  77. Swift Detection of a Superflare from DG CVn
  78. Swift Follow up observation of the transient source Fermi J0641-0317 (Correction to flux)
  79. Contemporaneous high resolution ultraviolet (HST/STIS) and Nordic Optical Telescope (NOT/FIES) spectroscopy of V339 Del = Nova Del 2013 in the Nebular Stage
  80. X-ray flaring activity on the gamma-ray blazar S5 0716+714 detected by Swift
  81. ASAS-SN Discovery of an Ongoing, ~3 Magnitude QSO Outburst in SDSS J093052.25+003458.91
  82. Swift X-ray and UV observations of Nova Cyg 2014
  83. Swift/BAT detection of hard X-rays from Tycho's Supernova Remnant: evidence for Titanium-44 emission
  84. Continued Swift observations of Nova Sco 2014 (TCP J17154683-3128303)
  85. Cygnus X-1 in the intermediate state
  86. Detection of absorbed X-ray emission from TCP J17154683-3128303 by Swift
  87. MAXI/GSC detection of an X-ray enhancement of MAXI J0243-582 (= BL Lac object BZB J0244-5819)
  88. Moderate re-brightening of the transient magnetar SGR 0501+4516
  89. Broadband X-ray observations of GRO J1744-28 during outburst
  90. Cygnus X-1 is entering its X-ray hard state
  91. Swift/BAT detects an outburst from the X-ray nova and black hole candidate GRS 1739-278
  92. Swift observations of a new outburst of the SFXT SAX J1818.6-1703
  93. Swift detection of a long thermonuclear X-ray burst from 4U 1850-08
  94. Swift-XRT detection of V1369 Cen
  95. MAXI J1930+093: Likely a flare of the BL Lac 2FGL J1931.1+0938
  96. MAXI J0057-720: Swift observations, SXP 46.6 in outburst
  97. A radio counterpart to the X-ray transient MAXI J1828-249 detected with the ATCA
  98. Phase shift during an X-ray burst in GRO J1744-28
  99. Swift/BAT detects an outburst from UX Ari
  100. Detection of a spin derivative in GRO J1744-28 with Swift/XRT (Erratum)
  101. Fading and probable quasi-periodic oscillation in the Swift X-ray observations of symbiotic recurrent nova V745 Sco
  102. Swift/XRT Observation of MAXI J1828-249 in the Hard State
  103. Swift detects bursting activity from GRO J1744-28
  104. Swift Follow-up of the Gamma-ray Detection of 4C +50.11
  105. The symbiotic recurrent nova V745 Sco is confirmed as a bright super-soft source
  106. Nova V745 Sco shows fastest rise of super-soft X-ray emission: 3-4 days after eruption
  107. PSR J1023+0038: phase-resolved optical spectroscopy and continued X-ray activity
  108. The Highest Historical 0.3-10 keV Flux in TeV Blazar 1ES 1011+496
  109. Evolving early, hard X-ray emission of V745 Sco
  110. Continued Swift/XRT monitoring observations of the Galactic center
  111. GRO J1744-28 active as X-ray pulsar
  112. Swift/XRT observations of the Galactic center have resumed
  113. GRO J1744-28: Swift XRT confirmation of outburst
  114. The Highest Historical X-Ray Flux from HBL Source MS1221.8+2452
  115. ASAS-SN Discovery of Luminous Transient in SDSS J110840.11+340552.2
  116. Swift UVOT and XRT observations of SN2014J in M82
  117. Detection of an X-ray outburst by INTEGRAL from a previously unknown SMC source IGR J01217-7257
  118. MAXI/GSC and Swift/BAT detection of enhanced hard X-ray emission from the Galactic center region, renewed activity of GRO J1744-28?
  119. MAXI J1419-613: Swift/XRT revised localization, Type-I X-ray burst detection
  120. Swift J010745.0-722740, a new SMC Be/X-ray binary with possibly a very long orbital period
  121. Swift/XRT Observations of RX J0059.2-7138
  122. The X-ray outburst of RX J0520.5-6932 is reaching the Eddington luminosity
  123. Swift/BAT detects a new outburst likely from RX J0059.2-7138
  124. Swift follow-up of the M31 ULX candidate
  125. MAXI J1421-613: Swift XRT localization and confirmation of the new X-ray transient
  126. ULX candidate in M31