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Swift ATels - 2008

Most recent ATels are listed at the top of the page.

  1. No X-ray flux from M31N2008-11b
  2. Swift/XRT localisation of XTE J1855-026
  3. Swift detects a large flux increase and a probable period of 1.77 days in the X-ray and UV emission of the nova CSS081007:030559+054715
  4. Swift/BAT reports the detection of a new galactic source Swift J1539.2-6227
  5. Swift detection of Super Soft X-ray emission in nova CSS081007:030559+054715
  6. UV-NIR Observations of the Probable Luminous Supernova CSS 081009:002151-163204
  7. Swift/XRT observations of SAX J1828.5-1037 in outburst
  8. Swift Observation of the Microquasar Cygnus X-3
  9. Improved X-ray position for SAXJ1753.5-2349
  10. RXTE and Swift Confirm Decay to Quiescence of EXO0748-676
  11. Swift/XRT localization of the X-ray burster SAX J1753.5-2349
  12. Swift XRT detections of X-ray transients in M 31
  13. RXTE PCA and Swift BAT Detect A Small Outburst of the Burster SAX J1753.5-2349
  14. Swift XRT observations of the black hole binary V4641 Sgr
  15. Sixteen New AGN discovered in the Swift/BAT All-Sky Hard X-ray Survey
  16. Swift/BAT detects renewed activity from V0332+53
  17. XTE J1701-407 INTEGRAL and Swift observations
  18. Swift detection of a superflare from CC Eridani
  19. IGR J17375-3022 detected and localised by Swift/XRT
  20. Swift detects increased activity of the neutron star transient SAX J1750.8-2900
  21. Swift phase-coherent P-Pdot solution for the 1E1547.0-5408 outburst
  22. Swift XRT follow-up of the transient AXP 1E1547.0-5408 in outburst
  23. AXP 1E1547.0-5408: Swift-XRT analysis
  24. Two SSS Swift X-ray spectra of Nova Cyg 2007 (V2467 Cyg)
  25. Swift/BAT detects renewed activity from 4U 1954+31
  26. Is the SGR-like burst from LS I +61 303?
  27. Swift observation of IGR J08408-4503
  28. V458 Vul (Nova Vul 2007) becomes a highly-variable supersoft X-ray source
  29. Swift sees a return to quiescence in XMMSL1 J162940.2-112024: A possible massive stellar flare?
  30. RXTE and Swift Observations of SWIFT J1842.5-1124
  31. Swift BAT detection of a SGR-like burst from LS I+ 61 303
  32. Swift/XRT determines a precise location for IGR J17379-3747
  33. Swift Observations of the X-ray Dipper XB 1254-690
  34. New and Old Outbursts of IGR J17379-3747 ( = XTE J1737-376)
  35. Swift observes an increase in activity from Swift J1842.5-1124
  36. Further improved X-ray position and possible optical/nIR counterpart for XTE J1637-489
  37. Swift/XRT observes a bright outburst from the SFXT IGRJ17544-2619
  38. Swift/XRT imaging of XTE J1812-182 (=XMMU J181227.8-181234?)
  39. Swift/XMM-Newton refined timing solution for SGR0501+4516
  40. Swift Observations Confirm XTE J1824-141 = IGR J18246-1425
  41. Decline in activity of SGR 0501+4516
  42. Swift XRT measure of the SGR 0501+4516 spin period
  43. Swift Observations Near XTE J1824-141
  44. Continued Activity of SGR 0501+4516
  45. New Soft Gamma Repeater SGR 0501+4516
  46. SGR 0501+4516: Comparison with ROSAT archival data
  47. Swift detection of a new bright X-ray transient in M 31
  48. Swift detection of X-ray transients in M 31
  49. Swift-XRT identification of IGR J19267+1325 as an Intermediate Polar
  50. UV Detection of Accreting Millisecond Pulsar IGR J00291+5934 with Swift/UVOT
  51. Swift Observations Confirm the Activity of IGR J00291+5934
  52. SAX J1750.8-2900 is returning to quiescence
  53. Swift observes another outburst from the Supergiant Fast X-ray Transient XTEJ1739-302/IGRJ17391-3021
  54. Swift XRT Observations of Circinus X-1
  55. Swift XRT Observations of Cygnus X-3
  56. AX J1754.2-2754: back in outburst
  57. Swift Observations of the possible Nova P60-M31-080723 in M31
  58. Improved X-ray position for XTE J1701-407
  59. The cooling tail of a long X-ray burst from XTE J1701-407
  60. Swift Detects Likely X-ray Burst from XTE J1701-407
  61. Swift/BAT reports the detection of a new galactic source Swift J1842.5-1124
  62. Swift/BAT reports increased activity from the black hole candidate Swift J1753.5-0127
  63. Swift Observations of SN 2008cg
  64. Recent Swift XRT Observations of GX 339-4
  65. Swift/XRT follow-up observation of the new X-ray source XTE J1701-407
  66. The End of the Prolonged Low State of EF Eridani
  67. Swift detects an outburst of the recurrent supersoft X-ray transient in NGC 300
  68. Hard X-ray activity from Aquila X-1
  69. Swift/XRT observations of SGR 1627-41's flux decay
  70. RXTE/PCA and Swift/XRT non detection of IGR J19112+1358
  71. Swift Observations of the Ultra-compact Binary 4U 1850-087
  72. Reactivation of Soft Gamma Repeater 1627-41
  73. Swift Observations of the Luminous Transient in NGC 300
  74. Nova V2491 Cyg has become a bright super-soft source
  75. Swift/XRT observations of the X-ray transients KS1741-293 and XTE J1719-291
  76. Swift/XRT follow-up of unidentified INTEGRAL sources (4)
  77. Swift/XRT follow-up of unidentified INTEGRAL sources (3)
  78. Swift Observations of SNF20080514-002 in UGC 8472
  79. Swift Observations of NGC 1313
  80. Swift detects an X-ray and optical outburst from a Galactic source probably associated with 1RXH J173523.7-354013
  81. Swift UVOT Measurement of ROTSE3 J115649.1+542726, a Possible Tidal Disruption Event ?
  82. Swift X-ray and UV evolution of nova V2491 Cyg 7-34 days after eruption
  83. Transient X-ray pulsar GRO J2058+42 is in outburst
  84. Swift Observations of the ULX NGC 5408 X-1
  85. SWIFT XRT Observations of the ULX M81 X-9
  86. X-ray upper limits from the M82 optical transient
  87. Swift Detection of a Superflare from EV Lac
  88. Optical and X-ray Observations of IGR J20187+4041 in the Error Circle of the Variable AGILE Source in Cygnus
  89. A Swift/BAT source inside the error circle of the AGILE Cygnus source
  90. Swift/XRT monitoring of the latest outburst from XMMUJ174716.1-281048: the source is still active
  91. Swift detection of the brightest X-ray flare from S50716+714
  92. XMM-Newton & SWIFT observations of the Supergiant Fast X-ray transient SAXJ1818.6-1703
  93. X-Ray Detection of SN 2008bo with Swift XRT
  94. Swift and MERLIN observations of Swift J194302.1+321913 during the nova outburst of V2491 Cyg
  95. The persistent, spectral variable pre-nova X-ray source in V2491 Cyg: Swift J194302.1+321913
  96. X-ray identification of the prenova of V2491 Cyg
  97. Continuous brightening of IGR J17473-2721
  98. Swift observes a new outburst from the Supergiant Fast X-ray Transient XTEJ1739-302/IGRJ17391-3021
  99. Swift Observations of SN 2008bo in NGC 6643
  100. Swift/XRT follow-up observations of IGR J17473-2721
  101. Swift/BAT reports the detection of a new galactic source Swift J1816.7-1613
  102. A new outburst from the Supergiant Fast X-ray Transient IGRJ17544-2619
  103. Swift/XRT follow-up observation of the field of XTE J1719-291
  104. Swift/BAT reports new flaring activity from Mrk 421
  105. NIR counterparts in the Swift error circles of the active transients SAX J1750.8-2900 and XTE J1810-189
  106. Swift observations of the SFXT IGR J11215-5952 at P/4
  107. Further Swift observations of XTE J1810-189
  108. Swift/BAT detects a new outburst from 1E 1145.1-6141
  109. CAL 83 detected again in X-rays, dimming in optical
  110. A Swift/XRT follow-up observation of the INTEGRAL source IGR J18173-2509
  111. Swift catches a new outburst from the Supergiant Fast X-ray Transient IGRJ16479-4514
  112. Swift/XRT reports an improved position for XTE J1810-189
  113. Swift localisation of SAX J1750.8-2900
  114. XTE J1810-189 measurements by INTEGRAL and Swift
  115. Swift/BAT teams announces website with catalog of AGN from the first 9
  116. Swift/BAT reports increased activity from three galactic sources
  117. A Swift/XRT follow-up observation of the INTEGRAL source IGR J18325-0756
  118. Swift XRT Detection of Supernova 2008ax in X-Rays
  119. H1743-322 back to the quiescence
  120. Swift Observations of the Supernova in NGC 4490
  121. Swift Observations/Phototyping of Probable Type II SN 2008aw
  122. Swift Observations of SN 2008aq
  123. Swift observations of the continuing outburst of GRO J1750-27
  124. Swift/BAT Reports Increased Activity from 4U 1724-307
  125. Swift/XRT observation of H1743-322
  126. Swift/BAT Detects Increased Activity from the Accreting Pulsar GRO J1750-27
  127. Detection of hard X-rays from V455 And
  128. 2S 1553-54: Swift/XRT position
  129. Nova V1281 Sco now a bright SS
  130. Supersoft X-ray Emission from the Optical Nova M31N 2007-12b in M31
  131. Supersoft X-ray source CAL 83 in an optical-high, X-ray off state
  132. Swift UVOT Observations of the X-ray transient in NGC 2770
  133. A Giant X-ray Flare in NGC 2770
  134. Extremely Bright X-ray Transient Likely in NGC 2770
  135. Swift/XRT localisation of SAX J1324.4-6200