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Swift ATels - 2010

Most recent ATels are listed at the top of the page.

  1. Swift/XRT follow-up observations of three unidentified INTEGRAL sources
  2. Multiple X-ray Observations of the Transient Neutron Star Binary XTE J1946+274
  3. PTF detects optical counterpart to Swift/UVOT M31 transient
  4. Swift/XRT follow-up observations of two unidentified INTEGRAL sources
  5. Swift UVOT UVW1 filter detection of a transient in the M 31 central area
  6. Swift detection of an ~500s period in MAXI J1409-619
  7. First Detection of X-rays from 8 Symbiotic Binaries
  8. Swift/BAT detects renewed hard X-ray activity from the highly-absorbed X-ray binary IGR J16318-4848
  9. Fermi/LAT and Swift/XRT detection of increased activity from the binary system PSR B1259-63/SS 2883
  10. Swift XRT Detection of Supernova 2010jr in X-Rays
  11. X-ray and Ultraviolet detection of the new FU Orionis object HBC 722
  12. Swift detection of the fast turn-on of the recurrent nova M31N 1963-09c as a supersoft X-ray source
  13. Swift/UVOT Observations of SN 2010jr in ESO 362-18
  14. Swift/BAT detects renewed hard X-ray activity from the neutron star transient XTE J1701-462
  15. Swift confirms X-ray outburst from GT Mus/4U 1137-65
  16. Swift XRT discovery of the third supersoft X-ray transient in a M 31 globular cluster
  17. Swift XRT Detection of Supernova 2010jl in X-Rays
  18. RXTE finds 21.9 day orbital period in XTE J0103-728
  19. Swift/XRT follow-up of the X-ray transient XTE J1728-295 during its decaying phase
  20. Swift follow-up confirms the high flaring state of the blazar PMN J2345-1555
  21. Swift/XRT follow-up observations of unidentified INTEGRAL sources
  22. Swift follow-up confirms the high activity state of CGRaBS J1848+3219
  23. MAXI J1409-619: Swift localization and identification as a new X-ray transient
  24. Eclipsing X-ray Burster in Terzan 5: Improved Swift Localization
  25. Swift/BAT confirms renewed hard X-ray activity from pulsar SAX J2103.5+4545
  26. Swift follow-up observations of EXO 1745-248
  27. Swift-XRT location of the ongoing Terzan 5 outburst
  28. Swift super soft X-ray detection in Nova V1213 Centauri
  29. Swift super soft X-ray detection in Nova V1213 Centauri
  30. Swift follow-up of the gamma-ray flaring blazar PKS 0727-11
  31. Swift/BAT spectral analysis of the Crab after September 2010 gamma-ray flare
  32. Swift/XRT and RXTE/PCA detects an increasing X-ray flux of V4641 Sgr
  33. MAXI J1659-152: Swift localization and monitoring
  34. SWIFT observation of the SMC Be/X-ray pulsar SXP46.6 in outburst
  35. Swift imaging shows no evidence for active AGN near Crab
  36. Swift/XRT observation of the Crab Nebula/PSR following the September 2010 gamma-ray flare
  37. Upper Limits on Variability of the Crab Flux (2-50 keV)
  38. Swift/XRT follow-up of three unidentified INTEGRAL sources
  39. Outburst of Aql X-1 as observed by RXTE and Swift
  40. Flaring blazar B2 0619+33: Swift X-ray and UV/optical observations
  41. Swift/BAT detects renewed hard X-ray activity from pulsar XTE J1858+034
  42. Swift and RATAN-600 monitoring of V4641 Sgr in a weak outburst
  43. Swift/XRT observations of IGR J20450+7530
  44. Swift/XRT follow-up and a refined position of the X-ray transient XTE J1728-295
  45. Re-brightening of Hyper-Luminous X-ray source HLX-1 in ESO 243-49 associated with a spectral softening
  46. Confirmation of the cyclotron line at 50 keV from GX 304-1 by Swift/BAT
  47. Swift follow-up observations of IGR J16374-5043
  48. INTEGRAL and Swift follow-up observations of XMMSL1 J171900.4-353217
  49. Evidence for Hard State Activity from the Black Hole Transient 4U 1630-47
  50. RXTE/PCA and Swift/XRT detect an outburst of the black hole binary V4641 Sgr
  51. Swift/XRT observations of the region near PSR B1259-63
  52. Swift XRT observation of the black hole candidate H 1743-322
  53. Swift/XRT detects new outbursts of the galactic center X-ray transients GRS 1741-2853 and XMM J174457-2850.3
  54. Identification of the new INTEGRAL hard X-ray source IGR J03249+4041 with interacting Seyfert 2 galaxies
  55. SWIFT J1729.9-3437: X-ray Position and Likely 530 sec Pulsations
  56. Swift and RXTE Discovery of a New X-ray Transient, SWIFT J1729.9-3437
  57. GROND and Swift observations of XMMU J115113.3-623730
  58. X-ray, UV, Optical and NIR Observations of Aql X-1
  59. New X-ray Activity from Aql X-1
  60. Swift follow-up of the high-redshift blazar PKS 1329-049
  61. XMMSL1 J171900.4-353217 returns to quiescence.
  62. Swift/XRT observations of IGR J05255-0711 and IGR J16413-4046
  63. Detection of new outbursts of the recurrent X-ray transient CXOM31J004217.0+411508
  64. Confirmation of a nova candidate in M 31 in optical and Swift UVOT observations
  65. Swift/XRT observations of Cyg X-1 during state transition
  66. Re-brightening of XMMSL1 J171900.4-353217
  67. Swift/BAT Observes a Thermonuclear X-ray Burst from SAX J1712.6-3739
  68. Swift/XRT confirmation of HD 347929/1RXS J180724.2+194217 in X-ray outburst
  69. Swift follow-up of the blazar 4C+21.35 (PKS 1222+21) after a bright gamma-ray flare
  70. Swift follow-up observations of a new transient source IGRJ05414-6858
  71. Detection of the second period derivative in the timing evolution of SGR 1833-0832
  72. Swift/XRT detects renewed activity of the galactic center X-ray transient AX J1745.6-2901
  73. Swift follow-up of the gamma-ray flaring blazar PKS 0521-36
  74. Swift observations of the new gamma-ray quasar PKS 1915-458
  75. Swift follow-up of the gamma-ray flaring blazar PKS 0235-618
  76. Swift/XRT detection of an X-ray flare and jet emission from Cir X-1
  77. Swift/BAT detects renewed hard X-ray activity from XTE J1946+274
  78. Analysis of Swift data of the June 5 outburst of the SFXT IGR J18410-0535/AX1841.0-0536
  79. Swift detection of outburst from the SFXT IGR J18410-0535
  80. Decreased flux of the new X-ray source XMMSL1 J171900.4-353217 detected by Swift-XRT
  81. Conclusive evidence of Cir X-1 as an accreting neutron star
  82. Swift-XRT detects X-ray burst from Circinus X-1
  83. Swift observations of Circinus X-1
  84. Swift/UVOT Observations of SN 2010da in NGC 300
  85. Swift XRT Detection of Supernova 2010da in X-Rays
  86. Swift observes the XMM-Newton Slew Survey source XMMSL1 J171900.4-353217
  87. Swift/XRT monitoring of the long outburst of the Very Faint X-ray Transient XMMU J174716.1-281048
  88. Swift XRT Detection of Supernova 2010F in X-Rays
  89. Swift/UVOT Observations of the Type II Supernova PTF10gva
  90. A 6.8 Day Period in IGR J16493-4348 from Swift/BAT and RXTE/PCA Observations
  91. A 49 Day Period in IGR J14488-5942/Swift J1448.4-5945 from Swift/BAT Observations
  92. Discovery of the orbital period in the Swift/Bat data of the highly absorbed HMXB IGR J17354-3255
  93. Discovery of a 30.77-day orbital period in the HMXB IGR J05007-7047
  94. Fermi and Swift observation of a GeV/X-ray/UV flare from PKS 2233-148
  95. A 10 Day Period in IGR J16328-4726 from Swift/BAT Observations
  96. Swift XRT/UVOT follow-up of blazar PKS B0906+015 after a gamma-ray flare
  97. SWIFT J1749.4-2807: X-ray decay, refined position and optical observation
  98. Simultaneous INTEGRAL, RXTE, Swift and FT South observations of the transition of GX 339-4
  99. Swift Observations of SN 2010bj in NGC 2357
  100. INTEGRAL and Swift detection of high energy emission from Swift J1749.4-2807
  101. New outburst of A0535+26 observed with INTEGRAL, RXTE, Suzaku, and Swift
  102. Swift/BAT detects increased hard X-ray activity from GX 304-1
  103. 4U 1820-303 is entering a low/hard X-ray state
  104. A new outburst of the SFXT IGR J08408-4503 observed by Swift
  105. Possible pulsation period in SGR 1833-0832
  106. Swift XRT Detection of Supernova 2008M in X-Rays
  107. Recurrent Nova U Sco Has Sharp Decline in X-ray/UV/Optical/IR
  108. Follow-up of PTF10bzf with Swift
  109. Spectral transition of 4U 1608-522 during the undergoing 2010 outburst
  110. The Dwarf Nova GK Per has entered outburst
  111. Swift observations of a bright outburst of the SFXT IGR J17544-2619
  112. Swift Pointed Observations of XTE J1752-223
  113. Large amplitude variability and detection of a 35 sec modulation of the soft X-ray flux of nova KT Eri by Swift
  114. Detection of U Sco in X-rays
  115. Emergence of a Bright and Highly Variable Super-soft Source Phase in Nova KT Eri (2009)
  116. Retraction of ATel #2374 (flaring activity from 3C 111)
  117. Swift XRT Detection of Supernova 2009mk in X-Rays
  118. Spectral state transition in the X-ray transient XTE J1752-223
  119. Swift/BAT Detects an Outburst from XTE J1901+014
  120. Hard X-Ray flaring activity of 3C 111 detected by Swift/BAT