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Swift ATels - 2013

Most recent ATels are listed at the top of the page.

  1. A recent M 31 nova found as a supersoft X-ray source with Swift
  2. Swift/BAT detects hard X-ray emission from RX J0520.5-6932
  3. Confirmation of XMMU J010429.4-723136 as a high-mass X-ray binary
  4. Discovery of the spin period and a new bright outburst of RXJ0520.5-6932
  5. Swift UVOT transient in M31
  6. 5.05s probable spin period detected in X-rays from IGR J00569-7226 = SXP5.05
  7. Fermi/LAT and Swift/XRT observations of XSS J12270-4859/2FGL J1227.7-4853
  8. A possible state transition in the low-mass X-ray binary XSS J12270-4859
  9. Swift J1734.5-3027: a bright burst in March 2013 detected in the long term BAT light curve
  10. A Candidate Recurrent Nova in M31: X-ray and UV short-term variability with Swift
  11. 17d optical period confirmed in X-rays from IGR J00569-7226
  12. XMM-Newton X-ray pre-nova detection and current Swift non-detection of PNV J13544700-5909080 (= Nova Cen 2013)
  13. A Candidate Recurrent Nova in M31: A fast supersoft X-ray counterpart found with Swift XRT
  14. Swift confirms BL Lacertae in an historic high state in the Optical/UV
  15. Swift X-ray observations indicate that the 2013 outburst of GX 339-4 is probably ending
  16. Large amplitude super-soft X-ray intensity variations and a 54 sec QPO in Nova Del 2013 (V339 Del)
  17. XMMM31J004256.7+411843 in outburst
  18. Swift/XRT localization of IGR J00569-7226, a likely new Be/X-ray binary
  19. Non-detection of V1324 Sco (Nova Sco 2012) by the Swift-XRT
  20. Swift J045558.9-702001, a new HMXB in the LMC
  21. Swift observation of the transitional pulsar PSR J1023+0038
  22. Swift Observations of the current outburst of XTE J1908+094
  23. Swift UVOT transient in M 31
  24. Swift/BAT detects a new outburst from the HXMB/BHC XTE J1908+094
  25. X-Ray and UV/Optical Variability of the Missing Link Binary Pulsar PSR J1023+0038
  26. Enhanced X-ray emission of the binary millisecond pulsar J1023+0038
  27. State-change in the "transition" binary millisecond pulsar J1023+0038
  28. Nova Del 2013 (V339 Del) is now a bright super-soft X-ray source
  29. INTEGRAL/IBIS and Swift/XRT follow up softening of MAXI J1828-249
  30. MAXI J1828-249: Swift UV counterpart and XRT spectral fit
  31. MAXI J1828-249: Swift detection and localization
  32. Detection of super-soft emission in nova V339 Del
  33. Swift/UVOT Follow-up of ASASSN-13dl
  34. Swift confirms KS 1947+300 is in X-ray outburst
  35. ESO 243-49 HLX-1: Possible outburst delayed by nearly a month
  36. V339 Del (Nova Del 2013) is a weak non-super-soft X-ray source
  37. Swift XRT Observation of 1E 1841-045
  38. GX 339-4 remains in the hard state
  39. X-ray detection, possible variability and spectral evolution of Nova Del 2013 observed with Swift
  40. Swift observations of a new outburst of the SFXT IGR 16418-4532
  41. Swift/XRT associates X-ray brightening episode in M15 to a source in its core
  42. Swift observations of a new outburst of the SFXT IGR J17544-2619
  43. Swift UVOT transient in M 31
  44. Swift J1734.5-3027: Swift discovery of a possible new superbursting transient
  45. Swift follow-up of the flaring NLSy1 1H 0323+342
  46. Swift/XRT detection of the old symbiotic nova AG Peg.
  47. No X-ray detection of Nova Del 2013 with Swift
  48. X-ray detection of Nova Del 2013 with Swift
  49. Swift J0549.7-6812: Swift detection of a pulse period and archival Chandra limits
  50. Further X-ray observations of Nova Del 2013 with Swift
  51. A new outburst from LMXB 1A 1744-361
  52. Swift observations and refined location for Swift J0549.7-6812
  53. Swift reports the detection of a new LMC transient source Swift J0549.7-6812
  54. No X-rays detected from PNV J20233073+2046041 (= Nova Delphini 2013), 9 hours after discovery
  55. Swift UVOT light curves of recent M 31 nova candidates
  56. Swift observations of GRB 130807A/SWIFT J1759.2-2736
  57. Swift UVOT discovery of a M 31 nova candidate
  58. Swift detection of a third burst from SGR J1745-29
  59. Swift ToO Observations of Dwarf Nova PNV J19150199+0719471
  60. Swift X-ray observations confirm outburst of GX 339-4
  61. X-ray Flaring Activity in HBL Source PKS 2155-304
  62. Swift/XRT detects activity of the Galactic center transient GRS 1741-2853
  63. Swift XRT and UVOT detection of SN2013ej
  64. New Swift/XRT observations confirm that the active Galactic center transient is AX J1745.6-2901
  65. Swift/BAT detects a new outburst of the blazar Mrk 501
  66. Swift/XRT monitoring observations detect an active X-ray transient near the Galactic center
  67. X-ray emission of the Type Ib supernova iPTF13bvn
  68. Classification of Four Swift/BAT Hard X-ray Sources with Bright Optical Counterparts
  69. Swift Galactic Plane Survey: Sourcelist v3.0
  70. Low-level X-ray variability observed from the black hole candidate IGR J17091-3624
  71. Swift observations of a new outburst of the SFXT IGR J08408-4503
  72. Swift observations of a new outburst of the SFXT IGR J17544-2619
  73. X-ray detection of SN 2013df
  74. Aql X-1 is undergoing transition from the hard state to the soft state
  75. The neutron star system 4U 1608-52 has returned to the hard state
  76. Superorbital Modulation in the Wind-Accretion HMXBs IGR J16418-4532 Superorbital Modulation in the Wind-Accretion HMXBs IGR J16418-4532
  77. Swift/BAT detection of a burst from SGR J1745-29
  78. Superorbital Periodicity in the Wind-Accretion HMXB 4U 1909+07 (= X 1908+075)
  79. Swift observations confirm renewed activity of the transient neutron star X-ray binary Aql X-1
  80. No indication of X-ray activity in Terzan 1 from a short Swift/XRT observtion
  81. The black hole candidate IGR J17091-3624 going to quiescence
  82. X-ray emission at the position of SN2013by
  83. Swift/XRT follow-up of the periodic activity of the transient pulsar IGR J19294+1816
  84. The neutron star transient 4U 1608-52 has left the hard state
  85. New Swift UVOT transient SWIFT J004255.6+411412 in M 31
  86. Coherent Pulsations and Burst Oscillations in the Millisecond Pulsar IGR J18245-2452/PSR J1824-2452I in M28
  87. Optical and X-ray re-brightening in Swift J1745-26
  88. Swift confirms HD 347929/1RXS J180724.2+194217 in X-ray outburst
  89. Swift/XRT detection of an active X-ray transient near the Galactic center
  90. Burst Oscillations in the X-Ray Binary IGR J18245-2452 in M28
  91. Renewed low-level X-ray and radio activity from Swift J1910.2-0546
  92. Swift observations of the binary white dwarf SDSS J0651+2844
  93. Further Swift observations of GRB130505B - a possible Galactic transient?
  94. Spin-down Measurement of PSR J1745-2900: a New Magnetar
  95. Swift XRT and UVOT Observations of an Outburst in NGC 2617
  96. Swift-BAT monitoring for additional bursts from SGR J1745-29 (Trigger 554491)
  97. Continued Swift Monitoring of the Galactic Center Flare
  98. X-ray non-detection of the nearest brown dwarf binary WISE 1049-5319
  99. Swift XRT spectrum of transient X-ray source at Sgr A*'s position
  100. Swift/BAT detection of an SGR-like flare from near Sgr A*
  101. Ongoing X-ray activity from Sgr A*
  102. Large Flare from Sgr A* Detected by Swift
  103. Swift UVOT light curves of recent M 31 nova candidates
  104. Swift/BAT observations of the X-ray flare from Mrk 421
  105. Fermi-LAT and Swift-XRT observe exceptionally high activity from the nearby TeV blazar Mrk421
  106. IGR J18245-2452: an accreting neutron star and thermonuclear burster in M28
  107. Swift X-ray detection of PNV J06270375+3952504, a candidate WZ Sge-type dwarf nova
  108. Radio Detection and X-ray Limits for Nova Cep 2013
  109. X-ray detection of SN2013ak (PSN J08070669-2803101)
  110. Swift detects a flare from IGR J16418-4532
  111. The Highest Historical X-Ray Flux in HBL source H1426+428 through the 0.3-10 keV Band
  112. Possible 6.6-mHz modulation in IGR J18245-2452
  113. Swift observations of IGR J18245-2452
  114. IGR J18245-2452 is a new transient located in the core of the globular cluster M28
  115. Extreme X-ray Behaviour of Mrk 421
  116. Confirmation of GRS 1747-312 as the active transient in Terzan 6
  117. Independent iPTF detection and spectroscopic follow-up observations of the Type II SN 2013am = iPTF13aaz in M65
  118. Swift detection of an X-ray flare from the flaring blazar PKS 0502+049
  119. Swift reports the detection of a new transient source Swift J1741.5-6548
  120. X-ray emission at the position of SN2013ai
  121. Mrk 421 is still active through X-rays
  122. M 31 center on prediscovery Swift UVOT UVW2 images
  123. Swift observations of the young SN II in NGC 5669 (SN2013ab)
  124. Highest Historical X-ray Flux through 0.3-10 keV Band in BL Lacertae Source 1ES 1215+303
  125. Swift J1753.7-2544: Continued Swift observations
  126. High X-Ray State in HBL Source Mrk 421
  127. Swift J1753.7-2544: Swift localization of a bright X-ray counterpart
  128. Sw J1745-26 still detected by Swift XRT in a lower, harder state
  129. The black hole candidate IGR J17091-3624 is still active
  130. Swift detection of increased X-ray activity from gamma-ray flaring blazar PKS 1424-41
  131. Swift reports the discovery of the galactic transient Swift J1753.7-2544
  132. X-ray outburst of RX J0520.5-6932, confirmed as a Be/X-ray binary
  133. Swift also confirms the increased activity from blazar PMN J2345-1555
  134. SWIFT observation of the Tidal Disruption candidate LSQ12heq
  135. Swift/XRT follow-up of the flaring blazar PKS 1424-41
  136. Swift/XRT detection and optical binary period of SSS130101:122222-311525