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Swift ATels - 2022

Most recent ATels are listed at the top of the page.

  1. ZTF22acaruqr/AT2022adzb: Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory X-ray detection
  2. Enhanced X-Ray Activity in the TeV-detected Blazar RGB J0710+591
  3. Brightness Decline Phase of the Ongoing Long-Term X-Ray Flare in the TeV-Detected Blazar Markarian 501
  4. XTE J2012+381: Swift confirmation of new outburst
  5. NICER, Swift and ZTF identify further X-ray and optical brightening of the ongoing changing-look AGN AT2021fxu
  6. Recent Swift Observations of NGC 5907 ULX-1
  7. Six Swift Observations of the CLAGN NGC 2617
  8. Swift Observations of the M51 ULX RX J133007+47110
  9. Recurrent nova M31N 2008-12a: Swift/XRT and Swift/UVOT detections of the 2022 eruption
  10. Radio and X-ray observations of the AMXP MAXI J1816-195 in quiescence
  11. Detection of a deep low-state of the blazar OJ 287 in the radio, optical, and UV band in the course of the MOMO program
  12. Swift XRT follow-up observation of 1E 1145.1-6141
  13. Swift XRT follow-up observation of the newly discovered X-ray transient LXT 221107A
  14. Markarian 501 is Still Keeping a Long-Term X-Ray Flaring State
  15. Swift/BAT detections of bursts from SGR 1935+2154 and SGR 1806-20
  16. Swift discovers an X-ray source in the neutron star binary candidate J235456.73+335625.9
  17. Follow-up observations of the X-ray transient in the nuclear region of NGC 7793 with Swift, NuSTAR and Chandra imply a ULX nature of the source
  18. Swift observations of the Neutron Star binary candidate 2MASS J15274848+3536572
  19. X-ray flaring activity in BL Lac
  20. Swift/BAT confirms X-ray brightening of the black hole X-ray binary 4U 1543-47 (Addendum)
  21. Swift/XRT observations of GRB 221017A
  22. Swift/XRT follow-up observations of IGRJ12341-6143
  23. Multiple Bursts from SGR J1935+2154
  24. Swift/XRT discovery of multiple dust-scattering X-ray rings around GRB 221009A
  25. Discovery of a late-time X-ray brightening and spectral hardening in the TDE AT2019teq
  26. Swift J1913.1+1946 a new bright hard X-ray and optical transient
  27. A nuclear X-ray transient in NGC 7793 at 3.8 Mpc
  28. Swift/XRT confirms brightening of the X-ray transient 2E 1050.8-6200
  29. 4U 1755-338 still active in the soft state after almost 2.5 years in outburst
  30. Support for a 244 day Period in XTE J1829-098 from Swift BAT, MAXI and RXTE PCA Observations
  31. Rapid X-ray brightening of XTE J1701-462
  32. Swift/XRT confirms outburst of XTE J1701-462
  33. Swift confirms outburst of transient in M15
  34. Swift XRT observations of the high redshift (z=2.1) flat spectrum radio quasar 4C+01.02
  35. Swift observation of the FBOT candidate SN2022sat
  36. New outburst of GX 339-4 confirmed by Swift/XRT
  37. Swift Follow-up of 4U 1630-47 in Outburst
  38. Delayed X-ray brightening of the nuclear transient AT2022exr/ZTF22aadgefj
  39. MAXI J0655-013: Swift localization (Correction)
  40. Swift/XRT observations of XTE J1829-098
  41. Luminosity radiated by the symbiotic star V919 Sgr in outburst, as derived from ground-based and Swift observations
  42. Swift and NICER continue to detect the tidal disruption event AT2021ehb in X-rays 500+ days after optical discovery: Evidence for a second X-ray spectral hardening phase
  43. NuSTAR and Swift observations of SMSS J114447.770-430859.3
  44. MAXI J1816-195: Swift/XRT detection of a dust scattered halo
  45. SMC X-2 outburst reaches 1E38 erg/s
  46. Swift XRT observations of WISEA J145820.77+412101.9 / IceCube 220624A
  47. Short-Term 0.3-10 keV Flare in the Epoch of Long-Term Enhanced X-Ray Activity of Markarian 501
  48. Detection of the NLS1 galaxy Mkn 335 in its lowest UV state ever observed with the Neil Gehrels Swift observatory
  49. MAXI J1816-195: Corrected Swift/XRT localization and IR counterpart
  50. Swift observations of the X-ray brightening of U Sco
  51. Further Swift observations of the TDE candidate Swift J023017.0+283603
  52. Swift/XRT non-detection of the X-ray transient MAXI J1957+032
  53. Swift detects rapid outburst decay from MAXI J1957+032
  54. Swift J023017.0+283603: A possible tidal disruption event
  55. Initial X-ray Spectroscopy of SMSS J114447.77-430859.3
  56. Swift Observations of the Extremely Luminous Quasar SMSS J114447.77-430859.3
  57. Swift Observations of MAXI J1957+032 during its 2022 outburst
  58. MAXI J0655-013: Swift/BAT trigger on new transient
  59. Swift detection of the start of the supersoft source phase of U Scorpii (2022)
  60. S-CUBED detection of new outburst of SMC X-2
  61. Long-Term X-Ray Flare in the Blazar 1ES 1959+650
  62. Swift follow-up of the newly discovered accreting millisecond X-ray pulsar MAXI J1816-195
  63. MAXI J1816-195: Swift Localization of this new transient
  64. Swift follow-up of the flaring high-z FSRQ PKS 0537-286
  65. Further Swift XRT and UVOT observations of Swift J073006.8-193709
  66. Swift XRT confirms outburst of 1A 1744-361
  67. Swift J073006.8-193709: An X-ray transient likely associated with an historical optical outburst
  68. X-ray Outburst of Aql X-1 indicated by the The Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory
  69. First X-ray detection of TXS 1520+344 by Swift
  70. Continued Swift observations of the FSRQ PKS 1127-14 during a high activity period
  71. First X-ray observations of the intermediate polar SWIFT J183221.56-162724.257
  72. Swift follow-up of the flaring FSRQ PKS 1127-14
  73. TeV-Detected Blazar 1ES 0033+595 in the lowest Historical X-Ray State
  74. Intriguing developments in the slowly rising Galactic optical transient Gaia22alz (AT2022bpq)
  75. Late Time Swift Observations of the Relativistic TDE candidate AT2022cmc
  76. Swift confirms outburst of SAX J1747.0-2853 (AKA MAXI J1746-287)
  77. Swift observations of 4FGL J1102.6+5251
  78. Swift observations of 4FGL J1154.0+4037
  79. X-ray and UV awakening of a years old stellar tidal disruption event candidate AT2018fyk/ASASSN-18ul: an accretion instability, repeating partial disruption, or supermassive black hole binary?
  80. Swift XRT observations of BD Cam
  81. Swift XRT follow-up observations of the flat spectrum radio quasar 3C 345
  82. Fermi-LAT and Swift observations of flaring activity from the FSRQ PKS 1954-388
  83. The Seyfert 1.2 Mrk 817 is in a Very Heavily Obscured State
  84. Swift-XRT observations of V1674 Her 10 months after eruption: the modulation remains
  85. Recent Swift Monitoring of Mrk 817 Reveals an Extremely Low Flux State
  86. Swift XRT and BAT observations of IGR J17091-3624 in the intermediate state
  87. NICER and Swift Detect the Black Hole Candidate IGR J17091-3624 in Outburst
  88. Swift GC monitoring program detection of a new outburst from the faint X-ray transient CXOGC J174538.0-290022
  89. Last year Swift monitoring of XMMU J174445.5-295044 during quiescence
  90. Swift and NICER monitoring of AT2021ehb