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Summary of Position-dependent WT RMFs

Below we summarise the position-dependent RMFs for WT mode. In the table, n can be 1, 2 or 3, referring to the simulated position of the centre of the point source, where psf1 means a DETY position of 300.5 +/- 10x (source positioned over the 10 row binning boundary), psf2 means DETY = 303.0 +/- 5x and psf3, DETY = 305.5 +/- 10x (with x = 0,1,2...). See the release note for more details.

From To Grade File names
2001-Jan-01 2006-Dec-31  0-2   swxwt0to2s0psfn_20010101v001.rmf
   0   swxwt0s0psfn_20010101v001.rmf
2007-Jan-01 2007-Aug-30  0-2   swxwt0to2s0psfn_20070101v001.rmf
   0   swxwt0s0psfn_20070101v001.rmf
Substrate voltage change from 0V to 6 V on 2007-Aug-30
2001-Jan-01 2008-Dec-31  0-2   swxwt0to2s6psfn_20070901v001.rmf
   0   swxwt0s6psfn_20070901v001.rmf
2009-Jan-01 2010-Dec-31  0-2   swxwt0to2s6psfn_20090101v001.rmf
   0   swxwt0s6psfn_20090101v001.rmf
2011-Jan-01 2012-Dec-31  0-2   swxwt0to2s6psfn_20110101v001.rmf
   0   swxwt0s6psfn_20110101v001.rmf
2013-Jan-01 2013-Dec-11  0-2   swxwt0to2s6psfn_20130101v001.rmf
   0   swxwt0s6psfn_20130101v001.rmf
2013-Dec-12 now  0-2   swxwt0to2s6psfn_20131212v001.rmf
   0   swxwt0s6psfn_20131212v001.rmf