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Swift Software

HEASoft 6.25 released (22nd October 2018); few changes for Swift compared to HEASoft 6.23. XRT calibration update on 2017-11-13.

Swift calibration files and CALDB installation page are available. (Latest files: 20th May 2017.)

Swift software

The Swift analysis software is part of HEASoft (the High Energy Astrophysics Software), which encompasses FTools and XANADU (i.e., XSPEC, XRONOS and XIMAGE for spectral, timing and image analysis respectively). A list of the Swift tools is available. They can also be listed using the FTools command fhelp swift.

In order to check that the CALDB is correctly installed, the FTool caldbinfo should be used as follows:

Mode (BASIC, INST, or FULL)[] INST Name of Mission[] SWIFT Name of Instrument[] BAT ** caldbinfo 1.0.2 ... Local CALDB appears to be set-up & accessible ** caldbinfo 1.0.2 completed successfully

For "Name of instrument", input either BAT, XRT or UVOTA (the "a" is required).

Notes for Swift 2.3 and onwards

The following GTI expressions are now the defaults for xrtpipeline. Note that the Elevation angle filtering is now less stringent, and the substrate voltage has been increased from 0V to 6V (the change was made in August 2007).



The gain and bad pixel files have also been updated and aberration=no is the default; this will therefore give correct positions for sources since the velocity aiding was switched off on 2005-01-31.

Information for Leicester Starlink users

Calibration information