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XRT Anomaly state: 2014 June 4th — 2014 June 10th

UKSSDC response

XRT was in an anomaly state from 00:23 UT on 2014 June 4 until 17:58 UT on 2014 June 10; details are on the anomaly page. Since the anomaly affected the quality of PC mode data, several UKSSDC facilities have been modified in the way that they handle data taken during this period. These changes are:

Data downloads
If you try to download data taking during the anomaly, a warning will appear. You can still download the data, but please be aware of the potential issues with PC mode data.
Building XRT data products
The Build XRT products web pages will not include PC-mode data taken during the anomaly in the analysis. This website is designed to give publication-quality datasets, and therefore it is not appropriate to include the data taken with uncertain calibration. WT-mode data are analysed as normal.
Auto-analysis of GRB data
The automated analysis of ground-processed data for GRBs during the anomaly continued as normal, with the data being posted online as soon as they were available. However, the XRT GCN circulars were sent out manually rather than automatically, to allow the XRT scientists to check the data for any issues related to the anomaly. Data taken during the anomaly are clearly marked on the results web pages.