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plist example

>plist batbinevt

Parameters for             /home/kpa/pfiles/batbinevt.par
infile =                   Input event file name(s), or @file.list
outfile =                  Output spectrum or light curve file name
outtype =                  Make light curve or spectrum (LC, PHA, DPH, DPI or DPITAB)
timedel =                  Histogram time bin size (sec)
timebinalg =               Time binning algorithm (uniform, snr, gti, infile)
energybins =               Energy bin list (comma separated [keV], or file)
(gtifile = NONE)           Good time interval file (or NONE)
(ecol = ENERGY)            Energy column to accumulate (ENERGY, PI or PHA)
(weighted = INDEF)         Apply mask weighting or not (yes, no, INDEF)
(outunits = INDEF)         Output units (RATE or COUNTS)
(maskwt = NONE)            Mask weight data, if not in infile (or NONE)
(tstart = INDEF)           Histogram start time (MET, or INDEF)
(tstop = INDEF)            Histogram stop time (MET, or INDEF)
(snrthresh = 6.0)          Signal to noise ratio
(detmask = NONE)           Detector quality mask file name (or NONE)
(tcol = TIME)              Name of TIME column
(countscol = DPH_COUNTS)   Name of DPH counts column
(xcol = DETX)              Name of X column for image / DPH creation
(ycol = DETY)              Name of Y column for image / DPH creation
(maskwtcol = MASK_WEIGHT)  Name of mask weight column
(buffersize = 16384)       Input read buffer size (min=8, max=33554432)
(clobber = NO)             Overwrite existing output file?
(chatter = 2)              Verbosity level (min=0, max=5)
(history = YES)            Write HISTORY keywords in copied HDU?
(mode = ql)                Mode