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Swift-XRT light curves of Swift J164449.3+573451

Last updated after receiving ObsID 00032526225, version 3

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The data between 1.005×108 and 1.011×108 s were taken during the XRT anomaly. The PC data may be unreliable.

Flux Light Curve

For this burst, 1 count = 4.89 x 10-11 erg cm-2 (observed flux) (Automatic spectrum).

Note that this is an average conversion factor: the true value may evolve with time.

Flux light curve of Swift J164449.3+573451

The images below link to the ASCII data

Basic Light Curve

Light curve of Swift J164449.3+573451

Detailed Light Curve

Detailed light curve of Swift J164449.3+573451, with bg level and frac exp

Hardness Ratio

Hardness Ratio of Swift J164449.3+573451

Summed PC-mode image

GRB images have now been moved to their own page. Image of Swift J164449.3+573451.

Data products

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