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Create time-sliced spectra for GRB 070917

Our servers have limited capactity and recently we have noticed individuals submitting many jobs at once, which then monopolise the queue. We ask you to be considerate to other users, and if you have many jobs, either submit only 2-3 at a time, or contact us to see if we can arrange to run them on a lower-priority system. We reserve the right to terminate jobs if a single user is found to be monopolising the queue.

To build time-sliced spectra you must supply time ranges and names by which those spectra will be known (note, any whitespace will be replaced with '_', non alpha-numeric characters will be removed). Alternatively, you can upload a file containing a list of region names and times.

Enter time slices

You may define up to 4 slices at a time using this form.

We recommend that, when selecting time intervals covered by only one mode, that mode is selected in the drop-down box. In rare cases, selecting "both" where there are no valid data in one mode can cause the spectrum build to fail.

Times can either be seconds since T0 (see the light curve below), Swift MET, or ObsIDs. The latter should be preceeded by the word "OBS" The format is "start-stop", e.g. 150-3000 or OBS 00311607000-00311607001. You can give multiple intervals per spectrum, separated by commas, e.g. "100-350,2000-2233".

Upload a file

A file conforming to this standard can be uploaded here.