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GRB 231129C: Swift observation summary

GRB RA:11.910°
GRB Dec:-81.636°
GRB Err:20.0 arcmin
T0:2023-11-29 19:10:18 UT
Galactic:303.10° -35.49°
Galactic NH:6.40× 1020 cm-2
Galactic E(B-V):0.1055092
Sun distance:73.67°
Sun angle:8.44 [hr](East of Sun)
Moon distance:117.16°
Visibility of this field.
First slew:2023-11-30 00:32:35 UT
First observation:2023-11-30 00:31:56 UT
First analysis: UT

Source 2 has been manually confirmed as the GRB afterglow; data for this object are now available through the main GRB results area for this GRB.

About tiled field analysis.

So far 4 fields have been scheduled for observations. Data are available and processed for 4 of these. The list gives the exposure time used in source detection. If any individual sources were selected for follow-up observations, the source detection is not repeated for the follow up observations and the table below is not updated.

An additional 1 field has also been used for follow up observations. These data are not searched for sources, but are used to update the light curves etc of any sources already found.

Find an upper limit.

Sources found so far

So far 2 sources have been found in the XRT data. 1 sources match catalogued sources.

# RA (J2000) Dec (J2000) Err901 Detection
Dist from
Fermi/GBM pos
Exposure Notes Vizier
00h 47m 20.24s -81° 11′ 50.4″ 11.5′′ Reasonable 26.3′ 290 s Matches known X-ray source: 2SXPS J004718.5-811139 (from 2SXPS), 11.6″ away.
Matches SIMBAD source: LEDA 226016, 12.7″ away.
Vizier logo
00h 44m 42.45s -81° 59′ 37.0″ 9.5′′ Reasonable 22.4′ 3.9 ks Vizier logo

1 Radius, 90% confidence.
2 Indicates how likely the source is to be real. See the 1SXPS documentation.
* The position was enhanced using astrometry derived from the Swift UVOT.
The position was astrometrically corrected using the XRT sources and the 2MASS catalogue.


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FITS image.

Image of all observations processed so far

Exposure map

FITS exposure map.

Exposure map of all observations processed so far