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GRB 220107B — Source 5 (SWIFT J142724.7+194953)

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Source 1 has been manually confirmed as the GRB afterglow so these products are no longer updated. The up-to-date data for the afterglow are now available through the main GRB results area for this GRB.

Source details
Rank/Classification: 4: Known X-ray Source
RA (J2000):14h 27m 25.03s (= 216.85430°)
Dec (J2000):+19° 49′ 53.0″ (= +19.8314°)
Error (radius, 90%):2.6″ (enhanced position)
Detection flag:Good
XRT exposure:1679 s (vignetting corrected)
Peak rate:0.29 (±0.05) ct s-1
Peak flux:1.23 (±0.23) ×10-11 erg cm-2 s-1
Mean rate:0.225 (±0.015) ct s-1
Mean flux:9.7 (±0.6) ×10-12 erg cm-2 s-1
Has spectral fit?Yes
NH 2.90 × 1020 cm-2
Γ 1.68
Database ID:749
Possible issues:
Optical Loading: No warning (automatic)
Stray Light: No warning (automatic)
Extended Emission: No warning (automatic)
Catalogue information
Known X-ray emitter?Yes - 2SXPS J142725.1+194952
Cat. rate1:0.366 (±0.003) ct s-1
Cat. flux2:1.574 (±0.013) ×10-11 erg cm-2 s-1
Observed/Cat. flux≤0 σ
Fading? No (≤1-σ significance).
Near 2MASS source? Yes, 1 match. Show details.
Near SIMBAD source?Yes - Mrk 813 is 3.9″ away.
Catalogue SearchCone search radius 7″ Vizier | Simbad | NED | X-ray master | LSXPS | 3XMM-DR5

All XRT count rates and fluxes are 0.3—10 keV
1Catalogued count-rates have been converted to XRT equivalents.
2Catalogued upper limits and fluxes have been converted to the XRT equivalent using the automatic power-law spectral fit described above.

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