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XRT position for GRB 230903A enhanced by UVOT field astrometry

Data were analysed using HEASOFT version 6.32

RA (J2000):00h 39m 38.55s (9.91061)
Dec (J2000):-40° 57′ 00.0′′ (-40.95001)
90% Error radius:1.4′′
Number of overlaps included in position: 2
Exposure time in final position: 832 s

Total number of overlaps considered: 10
Total overlap time: 2779 s
Number of overlaps where no X-ray source was found: 8
Number of low-X-ray-count fits rejected: 0
Number of spurious fits rejected: 0
Number of bad astrometric corrections:0
Number of outliers removed: 0

For details of how these positions are produced, and why some positions are rejected, see the online documentation.

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