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On-demand images — Online Documentation


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When you request an image/set of images, they are made available through a web page. Once image creation is complete, the top-level results page for your products will show a thumbnail image, and provide a link to the full image results page.

The results page begins by reporting the total (on-axis) exposure time in the images and then provides a series of links to the available products, as detailed in the contents above. Note that the colour image is only available if you selected to create one.

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Single-band images

This section contains an image in each of the energy bands you specified. Each image is shown in GIF format (with a logarithmic intensity scale) but there is a link above the picture to download the OGIP/FITS version of the image. There is also a link to the event list. This contains all the events in the image, with the SKY coordinate positions translated on to the WCS of the final image if necessary. This should be used with caution; the events have not been sorted into TIME order, and only the EVENTS extension exists.

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Exposure maps

When you request an image, an exposure map is also created from all of the datasets that are used to build the image. We create two exposure maps: with and without vignetting included. The exposure map is shown as a GIF image, above which are links to download the FITS file, and to toggle whether or not vignetting is included. When changing whether or not vignetting is included, the FITS file link automatically updates to the appropraite file.

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Files list

The final part of the web page is a simple list of all of the event files that were used to create the image and exposure map.

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