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BAT trigger 377436 (Trigger 377436) - SPER data

SPER messages received:13
Total exposure time:2.19 ks
Number of sources:0
Enhanced position?No

RA (J2000)NO
Error (′′ 90% conf)DETERMINED

Image of the SPER data

Image is 15.7′ to a side

The data products produced from these SPER are summarised below. These products are explained in the documentation. The orange box on the images marks the SPER field of view; the yellow circle is the BAT position.

All SPER positions.

The absolute count-rates from prompt data are preliminary, and should be viewed with caution.

Sper position

Image of the GRB positions

Full SPER fov

Image of the full width SPER data

Image is 15.7′ to a side