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BAT trigger 299787 (GRB 071227) - SPER data

SPER messages received:2
Total exposure time:0.60 ks
Number of sources:1
Enhanced position?No

RA (J2000)03 52 31.53
Dec (J2000)-55 59 00.2
Error (′′ 90% conf)4.7

Image of the SPER data

Image is 2′ to a side

The data products produced from these SPER are summarised below. These products are explained in the documentation. The orange box on the images marks the SPER field of view; the yellow circle is the BAT position.

All SPER positions.

The absolute count-rates from prompt data are preliminary, and should be viewed with caution.

Sper position

Image of the GRB positions

Light curve

Light curve of the GRB


Spectrum of the GRB