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Swift Trigger: 282445

Presumed name: GRB 070616

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BAT 02h 08m 37.20s, +56° 56′ 52.8″
position:(32.155, +56.948 ± 180″)
XRT 02h 08m 36.81s, +56° 56′ 44.1″
position:(32.15338, 56.94559 ± 3.0″)
UVOT No position available.
Galactic NHI:3.40×1021 cm-2
Galactic E(B-V):0.411 mag
Best RA:02h 08m 36.81s= 32.15338 d
Best Dec:+56° 56′ 44.1″= 56.94559 d
Gal Lat:-4.36
Gal Long:133.35
Sun angle:not found

1Sper #0 auto processing.

GCN Notices for this burst.

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Observability of this burst for Swift.

Sun angle for this burst.

UVOT data

UVOT v image

v image

UVOT v image

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UVOT white image

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Blink images with DSS (link via GSFC)


SPER results page for this trigger.

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Known transients within 5′ of the GRB

Click on the offset to view the transient announcement.

Offset (′′)RA DecDate reportedSource MiscQuery
0.9′′32.1529256.94553GCN #6550GRB 070616: Swift XRT refined circularVizier logo
4.4′′32.1513056.94510GCN #6542GRB 070616: Swift detection of a burstVizier logo
7.2′′32.1505056.94436GCN #6548GRB 070616: BTA astrometry and finding chartVizier logo
7.3′′32.1500056.94472GCN #6547GRB 070616: BTA optical observationsVizier logo
28.0′′32.1444656.93953GCN #6545GRB 070616: TLS observationVizier logo
112.7′′32.0960056.94600GCN #6543GRB 070616� Swift-BAT partial refined analysisVizier logo

Catalogue Searches. Searched 3.33′ around XRT position

Click on the distance to view the full details (not available for sources from the SSS catalogue). Click on the column headers to sort the table on that column (click again to invert sort order).


RA*Dec*SIMBAD name Query
1.732.152856.94522MASS J02083668+5656427B=15.3, H=13.739, J=13.775, K=13.728, R=15.1Query vizier around this object
3.232.151856.9458GRB 070616Query vizier around this object
17.432.146956.94892MASS J02083524+5656558B=17.7, H=14.685, J=15.132, K=14.679, R=16.6Query vizier around this object
109.732.135856.9745TYC 3693-2115-1B=11.4, H=10.782, J=10.798, K=10.730, V=11.3Query vizier around this object
112.632.105856.96312MASX J02082540+5657470H=12.364, J=13.091, K=12.447Query vizier around this object

There are 5 SIMBAD objects within the position error. The full list is here.

* RA/Dec in equinox J2000

X-ray sources

RA*Dec* Source table2Observatory Query

Queried the X-ray MASTER catalogue.

* RA/Dec in equinox J2000

1Energy band for count-rate is mission specific.


RA*Dec*Redshift CatalogueQuery
1.432.152956.9453B1=15.1, B2=15.3, I=15.1, R1=14.4, R2=15.1USNO-B1Query vizier around this object
3.232.151756.9458NEDQuery vizier around this object
3.632.151756.9456NEDQuery vizier around this object
5.132.155956.9457B1=18.3, R1=17.6USNO-B1Query vizier around this object
36.232.170256.9415B1=20.6, R2=19.6USNO-B1Query vizier around this object
39.732.173556.9466B1=18.6, B2=18.8, I=17.1, R1=17.5, R2=17.4USNO-B1Query vizier around this object
43.832.159756.9339B1=16.9, B2=17.1, I=15.7, R1=15.9, R2=16.1USNO-B1Query vizier around this object
46.632.149356.9584B1=16.8, I=16.5, R1=16.1, R2=16.7USNO-B1Query vizier around this object
47.132.174356.9392B1=20.2, I=18.3, R1=19.0USNO-B1Query vizier around this object
48.432.130556.9506B1=19.6, B2=19.8, I=18.1, R1=18.9, R2=18.7USNO-B1Query vizier around this object


There are 127 galaxies within the position error. The full list is here.

* RA/Dec in equinox J2000

Magnitudes depend on the catalogue. e.g. For Sloan, R is the Sloan r mag, not the Johnson R from APM, for example


RA*Dec* CatalogueQuery
1.732.152856.9452h=13.7, j=13.8, k=13.72MASSQuery vizier around this object
5.832.156356.9458B1=19.2, B2=18.4, I=17.6, R1=18.0, R2=18.1USNO-B1Query vizier around this object
7.032.156956.9458h=15.9, j=16.3, k=15.42MASSQuery vizier around this object
9.232.158156.9453B1=20.3, B2=21.0, R1=19.1, R2=19.7USNO-B1Query vizier around this object
13.032.151756.9491h=15.4, j=16.2, k=15.22MASSQuery vizier around this object
13.632.151556.9492B1=19.6, B2=19.4, I=17.2, R1=18.2, R2=17.9USNO-B1Query vizier around this object
17.432.146956.9488h=14.7, j=15.1, k=14.72MASSQuery vizier around this object
17.832.146756.9489B1=17.7, B2=17.7, I=16.4, R1=16.8, R2=16.6USNO-B1Query vizier around this object
20.932.164056.9457B1=19.1, B2=18.4, I=16.6, R1=17.2, R2=17.1USNO-B1Query vizier around this object
21.332.163156.9430B1=20.5, I=17.8, R1=18.7, R2=18.6USNO-B1Query vizier around this object

Queried USNO-B1, SDSS, 2MASS.

There are 507 stars within the position error. The full list is here.

* RA/Dec in equinox J2000

Magnitudes depend on the catalogue. e.g. For Sloan, R is the Sloan r mag, not the Johnson R from APM, for example.