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GRB 221215A: Swift observation summary

GRB RA:155.056°
GRB Dec:+46.873°
GRB Err:3.0 arcmin
T0:2022-12-15 04:14:27 UT
Galactic:169.03° +54.44°
Galactic NH:1.04× 1020 cm-2
Galactic E(B-V):0.01010739
Sun distance:118.24°
Sun angle:7.14 [hr](West of Sun)
Moon distance:35.19°
Visibility of this field.
Data analysed so far:
  • ObsID: 00021533001 with 2.8 ks exposure.

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Sources found so far

So far 1 sources have been found in the XRT data. 1 sources match catalogued sources.

# RA (J2000) Dec (J2000) Err901 Detection
Dist from
Swift/BAT-GUANO pos
Exposure Notes Vizier
10h 20m 46.77s +46° 46′ 16.6″ 5.7′′ Good 8.4′ 2.8 ks Matches SIMBAD source: 2MASX J10204673+4646159, 0.4″ away. Vizier logo

1 Radius, 90% confidence.
2 Indicates how likely the source is to be real. See the 1SXPS documentation.
* The position was enhanced using astrometry derived from the Swift UVOT.
The position was astrometrically corrected using the XRT sources and the 2MASS catalogue.


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FITS image.

Image of all observations processed so far

Exposure map

FITS exposure map.

Exposure map of all observations processed so far