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GW trigger S190521g (‘GW 190521’)

Please see the usage policy before using these data.

No observations have been planned yet.

Raw GW map | Convolved with 2MPZ

Image of the XRT fields observed

Green spots mark XRT fields observed, red spots mark those planned but not yet observed. Click the image for a larger version.

GW map (HEALPix) | GW map (FITS) | LALInference_convolved map (HEALPix) | LALInference_convolved map (FITS)

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GW details
Trigger Date:2019-05-21 at 03:02:29.000 UT
Trigger type:Compact Binary Coalescence
Distance:3931 ± 953 Mpc
False alarm rate:3.802e-9 Hz = 1/8.3 yr
XRT details
No observations have been planned yet.
Externally-detected sources
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