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Why do I need javascript?

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The 1SXPS catalogue contains a lot of information. Presenting all of this information in a way that is easy to find without navigating through many layers of links, and which is readable and simple to use, is not easy. By using javascript we can make the individual pages dynamic, thus keeping a relatively simple layout but making it easy to access the detail.

As we are reserachers, not web developers, we do not have the time to construct a fully-function non-javascript version of this website unless there is a real need for it. All newish browsers, including smartphones, tablets and even Kindle e-book readers support javascript, therefore we cannot imagine that the users of this site — professional astronomers — will find the javascript requirement a problem. However, if you do need a non-javascript version of this site, please email the Swift helpdesk explaining why. If a significant body of non-javascript users emerges, we will consider attempting to make a non-javascript version of these pages.