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Swift-XRT light curves of GRB 070429B

Last updated after receiving ObsID 00277582000, version 19

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Flux Light Curve

For this burst, 1 count = 3.18 x 10-11 erg cm-2 (observed flux) (Automatic spectrum).

Note that this is an average conversion factor: the true value may evolve with time.

Flux light curve of GRB 070429B

The images below link to the ASCII data

Basic Light Curve

Light curve of GRB 070429B

Detailed Light Curve

Detailed light curve of GRB 070429B, with bg level and frac exp

Hardness Ratio

Hardness Ratio of GRB 070429B

Summed PC-mode image

GRB images have now been moved to their own page. Image of GRB 070429B.

Data products

Download all light curve files for this burst.

Or download individual files: (Includes systematic error. Includes data with no WT centroid.)