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GRB 160102A: Swift observation summary

GRB RA:80.840°
GRB Dec:-21.041°
GRB Err:30.0 arcmin
T0:2016-01-02 03:39:00 UT
Galactic:223.41° -28.37°
Galactic NH:3.57× 1020 cm-2
Galactic E(B-V):0.04694267
Sun distance:131.34°
Sun angle:10.58 [hr](East of Sun)
Moon distance:106.77°
Visibility of this field.
First slew:2016-01-02 06:40:23 UT
First observation:2016-01-02 06:39:56 UT
First analysis: UT

About tiled field analysis.

So far 8 fields have been scheduled for observations. Data are available and processed for 7 of these. The list gives the exposure time used in source detection. If any individual sources were selected for follow-up observations, the source detection is not repeated for the follow up observations and the table below is not updated.

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No sources have been found yet.


FITS image.

Image of all observations processed so far

Exposure map

FITS exposure map.

Exposure map of all observations processed so far