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Swift Trigger: 855434

Presumed name: GRB 180823A

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BAT 14h 01m 23.76s, +14° 53′ 02.4″
position:(210.349, 14.884 ± 180″)
XRT 14h 01m 25.49s, +14° 53′ 25.1″
position:(210.3562, 14.8903 ± 4.5″)
UVOT No position available.
Galactic NHI:1.19×100 cm-2
Galactic E(B-V):0.017 mag
Best RA:14h 01m 25.49s= 210.3562 d
Best Dec:+14° 53′ 25.1″= 14.8903 d
Gal Lat:69.63
Gal Long:359.53
Sun angle:56.38°, -3.9 hr East of Sun

1Sper #1 auto processing.

GCN Notices for this burst.

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Observability of this burst for Swift.

Sun angle for this burst.

UVOT data

No UVOT images are currently available.


SPER results page for this trigger.

Image of the SPER data

There are 1 SPER messages, and 1 objects have been found

See the SPER page for details of how this position was produced.

Known transients within 5′ of the GRB

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Offset (′′)RA DecDate reportedSource MiscQuery
0.3′′210.3562914.89028GCN #23169GRB 180823A: Swift detection of a burstVizier logo
7.8′′210.3558314.89244GCN #23170GRB 180823A: Enhanced Swift-XRT positionVizier logo
38.6′′210.3579214.90089GCN #23175GRB 180823A� Swift-BAT refined analysis Vizier logo

Catalogue Searches. Searched 3.33′ around XRT position

Click on the distance to view the full details (not available for sources from the SSS catalogue). Click on the column headers to sort the table on that column (click again to invert sort order).


RA*Dec*SIMBAD name Query
77.8210.340614.9057SDSSCGB 25988.2g=20.369, i=18.601, r=19.082, u=23.191, z=18.192Query vizier around this object
80.4210.336914.9026SDSSCGB 25988.4G=20.7708, g=21.436, i=21.154, r=21.200, u=21.842, z=20.814Query vizier around this object
80.7210.335914.9012SDSSCGB 25988.3g=21.265, i=20.306, r=20.581, u=21.898, z=20.066Query vizier around this object
81.4210.337914.9044SDSSCGB 25988Query vizier around this object
91.0210.337714.9082SDSSCGB 25988.1g=19.578, i=18.000, r=18.497, u=22.286, z=17.864Query vizier around this object
178.5210.403214.9102SDSSCGB 50007.1g=19.575, i=18.787, r=19.131, u=20.714, z=18.827Query vizier around this object
179.7210.404514.9081SDSSCGB 50007.2g=21.341, i=19.421, r=20.070, u=23.393, z=19.135Query vizier around this object
180.4210.404114.9094SDSSCGB 50007.3g=21.525, i=20.142, r=20.708, u=21.897, z=20.056Query vizier around this object
182.3210.404214.9106SDSSCGB 50007Query vizier around this object
190.2210.404614.9148SDSSCGB 50007.4g=21.264, i=20.478, r=20.744, u=21.852, z=20.785Query vizier around this object

There are 10 SIMBAD objects within the position error. The full list is here.

* RA/Dec in equinox J2000

X-ray sources

RA*Dec* Source table2Observatory Query

Queried the X-ray MASTER catalogue.

* RA/Dec in equinox J2000

1Energy band for count-rate is mission specific.


RA*Dec*Redshift CatalogueQuery
17.7210.359614.8867Mag=23.3NEDQuery vizier around this object
20.7210.353814.8850Mag=20.5NEDQuery vizier around this object
23.3210.355214.8839B=22.1, R=19.1APM-NQuery vizier around this object
23.6210.355214.8838B2=21.1, I=18.6, R1=20.2, R2=19.6USNO-B1Query vizier around this object
24.1210.355014.8836Mag=21.2NEDQuery vizier around this object
24.1210.355314.8837R=19.9, g=21.2, i=19.3, u=23.5, z=18.9SDSSQuery vizier around this object
30.6210.357814.8819R=22.7, g=23.3, i=21.2, u=25.1, z=20.5SDSSQuery vizier around this object
30.9210.357914.8819R=23.0, g=23.7, i=21.7, u=25.3, z=21.0SDSSQuery vizier around this object
31.1210.353814.8986Mag=22.7NEDQuery vizier around this object
31.3210.361714.8969Mag=20.3NEDQuery vizier around this object


There are 443 galaxies within the position error. The full list is here.

* RA/Dec in equinox J2000

Magnitudes depend on the catalogue. e.g. For Sloan, R is the Sloan r mag, not the Johnson R from APM, for example


RA*Dec* CatalogueQuery
17.7210.359614.8866I=20.2, R=21.6, g=23.2, u=25.3, z=19.4SDSSQuery vizier around this object
20.7210.353914.8850I=20.2, R=20.2, g=20.5, u=21.3, z=20.1SDSSQuery vizier around this object
20.7210.353914.8850B1=20.1, B2=20.3, R1=20.0, R2=20.4USNO-B1Query vizier around this object
23.2210.356814.8967I=24.8, R=25.2, g=24.8, u=21.8, z=22.4SDSSQuery vizier around this object
30.7210.353814.8821I=21.8, R=23.3, g=25.0, u=24.0, z=21.0SDSSQuery vizier around this object
30.7210.353814.8821I=22.0, R=23.0, g=26.0, u=25.6, z=20.7SDSSQuery vizier around this object
31.1210.353914.8986I=21.4, R=21.6, g=22.7, u=24.3, z=21.2SDSSQuery vizier around this object
31.3210.361914.8971I=19.7, R=19.9, g=20.3, u=21.1, z=19.5SDSSQuery vizier around this object
31.6210.361914.8971B1=20.0, B2=20.1, R1=19.1, R2=20.0USNO-B1Query vizier around this object
34.7210.349414.8833I=19.3, R=20.7, g=22.0, u=24.6, z=18.5SDSSQuery vizier around this object

Queried USNO-B1, SDSS, 2MASS.

There are 182 stars within the position error. The full list is here.

* RA/Dec in equinox J2000

Magnitudes depend on the catalogue. e.g. For Sloan, R is the Sloan r mag, not the Johnson R from APM, for example.