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SDC-processed data (HEASoft v6.17)
Locally-reprocessed data (multiple HEASoft vers)

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Selected observations to be included in your download from the table below. Clicking an observation number will allow you to browse/download individual files.

ObsID HEASoft Ver Start time (UT) XRT exposure (s)
00431764000 6.32 2010-08-16T00:21:59 16287.0
00431764001 6.32 2010-08-16T17:42:00 9923.9
00431764002 6.32 2010-08-17T04:58:00 10485.5
00431764003 6.32 2010-08-18T00:14:59 8923.5
00431764004 6.32 2010-08-19T03:33:00 8316.7
00431764005 6.32 2010-08-20T14:52:59 9592.9
00431764006 6.32 2010-08-21T13:23:00 9663.1
00431764007 6.32 2010-08-22T13:28:00 10239.8
00431764008 6.32 2010-08-23T13:34:00 5606.3
00431764009 6.32 2010-08-24T12:04:00 5353.1
00431764010 6.32 2014-05-04T09:57:59 5039.7
00431764011 6.32 2014-05-07T21:22:31 343.5
00431764013(warning*) -1 2014-06-04T03:37:59 0.0
00431764014(warning*) 6.32 2014-06-10T00:18:59 2013.4

Locally-reprocessed versions of XRT event data will be downloaded. These comprise observations processed with different HEASoft versions: 6.32, -1

* Some data were taken whilst the spacecraft or instruments were in an anomaly state, the following Obs IDs should be treated with caution:

00431764013, 00431764014, 00431764013, 00431764014:
The XRT was in an anomaly state while these data were taken. Spectral and intensity measurements cannot presently be derived from these data with normal confidence in PC mode. Position information is believed to be unaffected, as are WT-mode data. See the anomaly page for details.