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The swifttools API

Version 3.0 of swifttools was released on 2022 August 31. This major release introduces the swifttools.ukssdc module.

Various aspects of working with Swift can now be done via the swifttools Python module. This is available through pip:

  pip install [--upgrade] swifttools

(The --upgrade is only needed if you have an older version of this module installed).

This module has 2 sub-modules:

swifttools.swift_too [Docs]
This module includes access to Swift data, the ability to query observability of a source, get an object's observing history, and submit ToO requests. It is maintained by Jamie Kennea, and is fully documented on the PSU web site.
swifttools.ukssdc [Docs]
This module provides access to Swift data, the XRT GRB products, the LSXPS catalogue, the on-demand data-analysis tools and more. It is maintained by Phil Evans and is fully documented here.

Although we recommend installing via pip the source code is also available via a public GitLab repository, which is also where you can report issues / bugs.