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Swift-XRT products for GRB 151212A — Source 1

RA/Dec (J2000) = 04h 32m 36.50s, -03° 57′ 41.3″ +/- 5.2 (radius, 90%) Vizier logo

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Source 1 has been manually confirmed as the GRB afterglow so these products are no longer updated. The up-to-date data for the afterglow are now available through the main GRB results area for this GRB.

This is the probable afterglow because:

Light curve Spectrum
Image of the light curve Image of the spectrum

We expect ~1.42×10-2 serendipitous objects at least as bright as this source in this tiled dataset, based on the logN-logS distribution of Mateos et al. (2008) [More details]

Source details

Peak XRT count rate0.15 (±0.03) ct s-1
Mean XRT count rate0.15 (±0.03) ct s-1
RASS upper limit0.03 ct s-1
Mean flux
(Observed, 0.3—10 keV)
3.3 (±0.7) ×10-12 erg cm-2s-1
Peak flux
(Observed, 0.3—10 keV)
3.3 (±0.7) ×10-12 erg cm-2s-1
Mean rate
(PSPC equivalent)
0.21 (±0.05)
Peak rate
(PSPC equivalent)
0.21 (±0.05)